2017 Rotunda Exhibition Call for Entries

“Portable Magic: the Art of the Book” Call For Entries

Prospectus (this page) as .pdf document

Entry Forms (whichever you’re most comfortable with):

  1. Entry Form as .pdf (save to your computer, fill out, print and/or email)
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Dates to Remember

  • Deadline for Submission: Thursday, June 1, 2017
  • Dates of Exhibit: Friday, September 8, through Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 2017, 4 to 6 pm

New This Year—Companion Book

The BAG Rotunda Committee is exploring the possibility of publishing a companion book to the exhibit. Early investigation is looking very good and it is likely that this project will come to fruition. The companion book will include one entry from each member who enters the exhibit whether or not the entry is included in the exhibit. A photo of the entry with relevant information (artist, title, description, and dimensions) will be included in the companion book. Entry 1 from each artist will be the one included in the companion book.

The book will be available to members of BAG at BAG’s cost on a first come, first served basis. Additional copies may be made available to others at a price that has not yet been determined.

Note: The steering committee maintains the right to determine if a specific entry is inappropriate for inclusion in the companion book. While we do not anticipate that any entries will be excluded, the member will be contacted by the steering committee to discuss the reason for exclusion.

Exhibit Application for “Portable Magic: The Art of the Book”

The New Mexico Capitol Art Foundation, a non-profit corporation that operates the State Capitol Museum in the State Capitol building, has invited the Santa Fe Book Arts Group (BAG) to exhibit its work in the museum’s Capitol Rotunda Gallery. This will be our seventh show at the Capitol Rotunda Gallery. An opening reception will be held on Friday, September 8, 2017, from 4 pm to 6 pm and the show will conclude on Friday, December 15.

Jurying and Curating

The show will be curated and juried by Dr. Cynthia Sanchez, Executive Director of the Capitol Art Foundation. Books submitted for the show are done so with the understanding and agreement that that the curator has the permission to display the books in whatever manner the curator feels is appropriate for the exhibition and the space allocated. Submission of work for consideration does not guarantee that it will be selected for exhibition.

In an effort to allow as many books as possible to be accepted, pieces may be positioned and displayed in a more condensed manner than might be deemed optimal by the submitter.

Submission Guidelines

Each BAG member is entitled to submit up to two pieces of book art for consideration by the jury. If a collaborative book is submitted, that book will count as one of the two books allowed for each of the submitters.

All entries must be clean and dry, and produced by the submitting BAG member. Credit for any books displayed will identify only the BAG member submitting the piece. If some parts of the book have been produced by someone other the BAG member, it is up to the submitter to inform that person that acknowledgement for the piece will be given solely to the BAG member.

Entry Fee

There is a non-refundable fee of $5.00 for each entry.

Delivery Guidelines

The deadline for all entries is Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Books may be submitted at any regular BAG meeting prior to June 1.

Books may also be submitted by appointment at the following locations by June 1:

Each entry is to be submitted in a reclosable plastic bag, with any appropriate protective materials. Display instructions, photos, and written preferences may be included. Every attempt will be made to present your book as you wish, but there is no guarantee that will occur, and you submit your books with the understating and agreement that the final presentation configuration is at the sole discretion of the curator.

Publicity and Photos

All entries will be photographed separately by the BAG Rotunda Committee for consistency and clarity. The photographer will photograph the piece in the most appropriate manner to fit the space requirements for the media.

All pieces submitted are done so with the permission of the artist to photograph the entry and to include it as deemed appropriate for catalogs, brochures, website, posters, news media, and other public relations purposes. The artist’s name and the title of the work may also be included.

A photo of each entry along with the title and the name of the artist will appear on the BAG website, whether or not the piece is selected for the show. A photo of all accepted entries will appear in the show catalog. A photo of works that the member has indicated as Entry 1 will be included in a companion book. Photos selected by the BAG committee will be used in advertising and promotion of the exhibit.

Suggestions (based on feedback from previous shows)

Entries that have been selected in the past tend to “show the artist’s hand”: that is, they demonstrate a high degree of handmade work and limited pre-made components. Include content with your books; avoid books with blank pages. Techniques encouraged include the judicious use of handmade papers, natural materials, found objects and materials, altered books, calligraphy, watercolor and other original hand-painted images, embellishments that are not overdone, and photography that is incorporated as part of an image printed on the page. Spiral bindings and other commercially available binding schemes are discouraged. Minimize the use of prefabricated elements, photos, snapshots, logos, or recognizable symbols that might interfere with presenting a unique design. Designs that are too literal or have overdone collage have also been negative factors in being selected.

Consider the size of your piece. The pedestals and vitrines can display books up to 20”x34”; however, it is possible that large books may not be selected by the jury purely because of space limitations in the gallery. Also, it is likely that large books may be displayed in the same vitrines with other books

Consider submitting wall art. Pieces to be hung on the walls are encouraged. Because there is sufficient space to accommodate a number of wall pieces, entries may have a greater chance of being accepted. You may use Plexiglas or other protective materials if desired. The piece must be pre-wired and be ready to hang.


All material entered must be free of copyright infringement, and the submitter must certify that it is free of any copyright issues. It is solely up to the artist to take full responsibility for assuring that the piece is copyright-free. Any hint of copyright issues may pose a problem with the jury unless the entry is clearly documented to be free of any infringements. Care needs to be taken with using poetry that is generally (but not always) copyright-free 70 years after the author’s death. Some Native American symbols and designs may be prohibited as well as certain cartoons. Rights to use songs, lyrics, and quotes may also have restrictions that need to be verified by the submitter.

Insurance and Pricing

The Capitol Art Foundation provides insurance for the exhibit, and the books will be presented in a secure environment on walls, pedestals, or vitrines. The Capitol Rotunda Gallery also has video surveillance. Theft and vandalism have not been issues in past exhibits; however, artists need to be aware of the potential for loss or damage and are asked to provide an insured wholesale value of their work, which will be submitted to the Capitol Art Foundation for its records.

Between the time the entries are submitted to BAG and the start of the show, every effort will be made to protect submitted artworks. Please note that BAG and the individuals holding and storing the submittals prior to or after the show will assume no responsibility or liability for loss or damage. By signing the Entry Form, the owner of the artwork agrees to relieve BAG and its members from any and all liability to the artwork submitted. You may wish to contact your personal insurer if you have any questions regarding insurance liability. For any book insured at greater than $1,000, please submit detailed photographs so that its condition may be verified at pickup.

The artist has the option to state whether or not the book is for sale. While books will not be sold at the Capitol Rotunda Gallery, there will be a process established for the public to contact BAG if there is an interest in purchasing any piece that is for sale. The Rotunda Committee will notify the artist, who can then contact the interested party. BAG does not have any rights or interest in any negotiations or sales made privately between the artist and the buyer.

Pickup of Pieces

The BAG Rotunda Committee will notify all entrants of the jury results approximately July 1, 2015. Pieces not selected for the show may be picked up at places and on dates designated by BAG.

No piece selected for the exhibit may be removed before the conclusion of the show. Pickup of those pieces will be on Monday, December 18, from 10 am to 11 am. Any pieces not picked up will be held and distributed at a future BAG meeting or by appointment. Please keep in mind that we are the guests of the Capitol Art Foundation, and that our participation in its museum is solely by its invitation. It is not a foregone conclusion that we will continue to be invited in the future, so we ask that when BAG members communicate with our hosts, the Capitol Art Foundation Board members and Curator, we acknowledge our appreciation for their hospitality and consideration.

Online Entry Form

Note: By signing this form, you agree to the following: As a member in good standing of BAG, I have read, understand, and agree to all of the conditions stated on the Capitol Rotunda Gallery Application, Pages 1 and 2. While BAG and its individual members will make every effort to protect submitted artwork, by signing this Entry Form, as the owner of the artwork I agree to relieve BAG and its members from any and all liability to the artwork submitted. If copyright permission is required, I will send documentation with the entry when I deliver it. I will also attach a non-refundable entry fee of $5 with the delivery.

Remember to fill out this form TWICE, one for each entry, if you are submitting two entries.