Collage Dada Style Workshop May 20 & 21

Weekend Art Workshop: Collage Dada Style

Enlightenment and Self Discovery through Collage Process

What’s Dadaism? A bold, avant garde, early 20th century art movement defying the norms of traditional production artwork that’s preplanned and executed according to a preconceived notion.

In the style of Dada artists, we will challenge artistic norms by  incorporating chance, random selection, and subconscious into the creation of our artwork. Collage/photomontage exploration is an ideal form of Dada expression as we use scissors, adhesive, and readymade images rather than brushes, paint, and the canvas of traditional art. Abstraction, juxtaposition, and skewed perspective can provide unexpected and powerful results. This twist on art questions and redefines the definition of artmaking, the role of the artist, and the purpose of art in society breaking down the barrier between art and everyday life.

2-day weekend class on Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21, from 10 am through 4 pm. Cost: $150.

Early Bird Special: Register and pay $130 by April 16 for a  $20 discount.

Artist Coach & Muse: Ro Calhoun

Contact Info: 505.946.7350;; PO Box: 714, Santa Fe, NM, 87504