2018 Mail Art: Pantone Postcards


For our 2018 Mail Art program, BAG will sponsor a new type of project, based on an idea instigated by Emily Martin, book artist from Iowa City. (Images above are from her project. View all the cards and her book at her website: http://emilymartin.com/?page_id=1093.)

Our project will be similar to the way Mail Art usually works. At each monthly meeting, beginning in December:

1) Put your name and address on a card, place it in the bag, and draw out a card to be sent to your mail art buddy.

2) Instead of a suggested theme or quotation, select a colored postcard based on the Pantone Matching System.*

3) Two cards of the same color will be rubber-banded together. On both cards you draw, feel free to “expound” on the color in any way you like: draw, paint, write, punch, sew, print, attach a photo… It’s open season for your creativity to “play” on BOTH CARDS you draw. Then send one to your mail art buddy and one (which will already be stamped and addressed) to BAG to become part of the BAG permanent collection.

4) Also at the meeting we will ask you to sign a sheet saying which color you picked so that credit can be given to the mail artist when we display these cards in 2019 (see #6).

5) Hopefully, by the end of the year, all 100 postcards in the series will be returned to BAG, and…

6) In summer 2019 Axel Contemporary will exhibit our creations in its mobile van!

We are excited about this variation on mail art and hope that everyone in BAG will participate for at least a month or more, providing great variety for our 2019 BAG Mail Art: Pantone Postcards exhibit at Axel Contemporary.

Any questions: contact Gail Murray gail@gpmurray.com or Douglass Rankin scrubjay@rockcreekpottery.com.

* The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is used in the commercial printing industry as a way to identify specific ink colors for the jobs being printed. This is the industry standard for all ink colors that are not printed as a 4-color process color. Logos, stationery, posters, and brochures that are printed with more than black ink must have a PMS color and number specified for each non-black color desired. For more information, visit https://www.pantone.com/the-pantone-matching-system