Pastepaper Workshop with Elizabeth McKee

BAG member Elizabeth McKee will lead a pastepaper workshop on Saturday, November 9, and Sunday, November 10, 2019, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in Albuquerque. The fee of $150 includes 4 full sheets of Arches Text wove, all paste, paint, and “miscellaneous cool stuff.”

Pastepaper had its origins about 450 years ago when printers, wanting a less expensive decorative paper for endpapers than marbled paper, added paint to their paste and made patterns on paper with it. Many of us were first introduced to pastepaper in primary school where it is known as finger painting. More recently calligraphers realized that paste makes an excellent surface on which to write.

Day one: Participants will systematically prepare pages with assorted pastes and tools to create personal pastepaper reference books.

Day two: Pastepaper clinic. Participants are invited to bring in unsuccessful pastepaper pages and apply new layers or techniques to enhance and improve them, thus turning them into successful pastepapers. OR participants may choose to continue to work on their samplers with inspiration from the other participants. OR participants may choose to work on new paste paper with their knowledge gained on day one. OR all of the above.

At the end of day two students will bind their books   and make simple pouches for them using some of the fresh pastepapers.

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