BAG Member Margy O’Brien’s Work in Art Show

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Margy O’Brien reports that she has been busy during quarantine, making art for a new show, Lightscape. It is a collaboration of the Luna Project, a collection of 12 artists. The show opened on July 11 and will run through September 27, 2020, at the Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors Boulevard NW, Albuquerque, NM.

Yes, it’s an “in-person” show with COVID-19 precautions. “My main contribution to this show is an installation of five paper fold-up books/banners titled Bosque Spectrum,” Margy says. “I took a workshop with Kuzana Ogg of Santa Fe in traditional handsewn, ramie fabric Pojagi a couple of years ago but always wanted to apply the process to paper and books. Then I saw a workshop announced at the San Francisco Center for the Book on Paper Bojagi with Steph Rue at about the same time, but was unable to attend it. So I got busy on my own.

“These hanging books are made of mulberry papers, mostly Hanji, tyvek for the hinges and hanging loops, and PVA. Each measures 12″ x 48″. The top “page” has a watercolor painting of some element of the bosque community. As each book unfolds, the imagery gets more simplified and abstracted. When not displayed, they fold up in their own portfolios with cottonwood stick closures, and the five portfolios stack and store (along with the cottonwood branch hangers) in a machine-sewn fabric pojagi wrapping cloth.

“The work reflects my many walks to the nearby Rio Grande bosque, which has not been closed due to pandemic or fire danger…yet. Working on it was a meditative way to fill my days in solitude. Even on the inevitable heavy days during this time, the subject matter, the translucent papers, and the joyful colors kept me going. I also have two other books in the show.”