The Illustrated Accordion

BAG Member Rosemary Rae is one of the artists in The Illustrated Accordion.

April 9 – June 18, 2021

Kalamazoo Book Arts Center Gallery

Join the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center for its13th annual Illustrated Accordion exhibition.

Each year the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center (KBAC) sponsors a non-juried exhibition The Illustrated Accordion, showing in the KBAC Gallery in late spring. Open to all emerging and established artists, this exhibition focuses on books created in the accordion form. The structure of an accordion book is simple: a long piece of paper is folded into pages that can be read like a book or spread open and displayed like a banner. Featuring works of book artists from all over the world, the books in this exhibit take this book form to a new level.

You may view this amazing exhibit here: