Karen Hanmer Online Workshops

Friend of BAG Karen Hanmer has several online workshops coming up:

Binding Fundamentals: rounding, backing, and other engineering essentials
July 6-27, 2021 | Thursdays, four sessions
Details and registration here.
A handsome, functional book is built on a solid foundation of traditional forwarding skills. Students will review and reinforce these skills, by going through all the steps of crafting a traditional binding prior to covering: folding, marking up and punching signatures; sewing on and off a sewing frame; gluing up and rounding the spine; lightly backing the text block; sewing endbands; spine lining; selecting endsheets appropriate for board/case attachment and full opening. To complete the binding we will anchor the text block into a folded paper case.
Binding Fundamentals is a prerequisite for all advanced binding workshops at Karen Hanmer Book Arts.

Leather Working for Bookbinding: Paring, headcaps, corners.
August 3-24, 2021 | Thursdays, four sessions
Details and registration here.
Students will be introduced to the tools and techniques required for fine leather binding. Tools: English or Swiss paring knife, Scharfix, spoke shave. Techniques: lining boards to accept leather; paring for spines, corners, headcaps, and all-over thinning of the leather; paring and edgeparing for onlays; sharpening using microfinishing films; stropping; covering of a plaquette; forming corners and headcaps; adhesives and drying procedure for leather binding.
Leather Working for Bookbinding is a prerequisite for all leather binding workshops at Karen Hanmer Book Arts.

Biblio Tech: reverse engineering historical and modern binding structures.
September 23-December 2, 2021 | Thursdays, 10 sessions | 10 bindings
Details and registration here.
Students will create ten binding structure models. These models will remain unfinished so engineering remains visible for future reference. Structures include: Tacketed binding, Crossed Structure, Ethiopian, Medieval, Laced-on boards, Scaleboard, Split Board, Case Binding, Sewn Boards, Non-Adhesive Paper Case.

Leather Binding II: Raised Cords.
September 21- November 30, 2021 | Tuesdays, 11 sessions
Details and registration here.
In this workshop, students will further develop their binding and leather-working skills including sewing on raised cords, rounding, backing, paring, and covering. Students will complete one full leather binding with sewn endbands, flexi endsheet with decorative paper, and simple blind tooling around raised bands.

The Medieval Girdle Book
This is a self-guided tutorial only, no online sessions The girdle book is a Medieval binding structure featuring a long extension of leather which could be attached to a traveler’s belt. The leather extension terminates in a decorative knot. This tutorial will guide students through the construction of a girdle book on the foundation of a typical Medieval binding: Text block sewn on double raised supports; wooden boards shaped all around, with special attention given to the inside spine edge to match the text block’s shoulder, then laced on and pegged; sewn endbands; covered in vividly-colored suede leather; strap and pin closure, simple bosses at the corners, parchment page markers.
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I’ve added new workshop handouts and demo books to my online store. Simplified Binding, Even More Simplified Binding, Edge-to-edge and Sunken Suede Doublures, Jacob’s Ladder, Triangle Book, the Sewn Boards Binding with three variations, Drum Leaf, and a wide variety of paper cases.

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