Art Therapeutics with Nicole Raven White

Libros New Mexico Book Arts Guild president Nicole Raven White offers a program called Art Therapeutics.

Art Therapeutics is the process of using writing and creative processes to help you on your healing journey. This course will also help you take the healing modalities you already partake in and enhance them even more with creative visuals that will keep you on track.

The mind is so full of information, we need visuals to keep us grounded and focused. Art Therapeutics techniques will help you create the ultimate grounding and focusing tools because you create them yourself.

All of these processes will be beneficial and successful whether you have art experience or not.

​Use Art Therapeutics to reduce stress, anxiety, grief, loss, anger, frustration, depression, and most emotional and physical pain. If you are already an artist, this will be a fun course that will help you expand and increase your creativity. If you feel, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” or “I’m not artistic,” Nicole will help you break through that limiting belief to show you how to unleash your creativity. “It’s fun and so much easier than you think,” says Nicole.

For more information visit, where you can also sign up for a free class.