Printed Matter Event at the Railyard on Sunday, July 10

Printed Matter will host 50 printmakers from all across the Southwest, exhibiting and selling a diverse array of artwork. This includes fine art editions, book arts, hand-printed clothing, and experimental processes. Printed Matter is an affordable, all-inclusive fair welcoming all people, all nations.

Sunday, July 10, 2022
10 am to 4 pm
Santa Fe Railyard Farmers Market Shade Structure and Railyard Plaza

Live demonstrations will run throughout the day with:

  • Axle Contemporary: Corn Tortilla Embossing (free tortillas for all!)
  • Herstory Printmaking Collective: Sticky Foam Printing
  • Krrrl: Linocut
  • Matt Suhre: Cyanotype
  • Power and Light Press: Letterpress
  • Global Commons Collective: Screenprinting (bring a T-shirt for live, free screenprinting!)

BAG will have a table at the event to strut our stuff and enroll new members.

BAG members who are participating include:

  • Andrea Cypress
  • Ashisha
  • Gordon Fluke
  • Jasmine Quinsier
  • Julie Filatoff, JiRaF Studio, LLC
  • Julie Shelton Snyder
  • Katie Keener, Pushpin Collaborative Co.
  • Kim Kulow Jones
  • Lisa Miles, Dutchess Press
  • Liz Paterson

Other participants include Bourland Letterpress, Remarque Printshop, Strange Bird Designs, Twoguns Studio, and many more.

Many thanks to Tim Jag for organizing the event, and Axle Contemporary for creating the image.