BAG Meeting This Saturday, November 12

Saturday, November 12, 2022, 1 pm to approximately 3 pm MT
Free; Open to the Public; All are Welcome


  • Welcome and Announcements by President Linda Zwick
  • Book Works: Creative Process, a presentation by Maria G Pisano
  • Tributes to Douglass Rankin by Rosemary Rae and Amy Thompson West
  • Art Journal Page and ATC/Rolo Swap Update by Ruth Anna Abigail
  • Round Robin Art Journal Swap Update by Cynthia Leespring
  • December Mail Art Description by Linda Zwick
  • December Anything Goes Description by Linda Zwick
  • Community Announcements (calls for entry, upcoming exhibits and workshops, other highlights) by Attendees (2 minutes maximum, please)

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Book Works: Maria G Pisano Creative Process

As a book artist, Maria G Pisano is continuing the tradition of books as keepers of our collective memory, using its format, in its myriad transformative powers, to express her interpretive and personal stories.

Maria’s artistic endeavors are expressed in artist books and printmaking works; they resonate and create the link between the constant personal journey as an artist and as a traveler. These artifacts are interwoven with personal experiences, memories, and the impact of fearful and disquieting world events; evoking shadows of reminiscence in unpredictable moments. The experiences are incorporated in our memory palace to revisit, in our visual, symbolic and experiential memory.

In working with artist’s books, Maria orchestrates a theme, incorporating both the visual and structural elements. Each book contains its own individual form, creating patterns that speak of personal and communal identities. Maria creates human and structural environments, making a link between form and meaning, viewer and artist, past and present, and the multiple polarities that fuse, enact, and display our other selves. Integral in all this is expressive language.

Maria G. Pisano is a book artist, printmaker, curator, and educator. Her oeuvre is published under the Memory Press imprint. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, in museums and galleries. Memory Press works are represented in many collection including: The Library of Congress, The 9-11 Memorial Museum, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Lafayette College, National Library of Medicine, University of Delaware, Smithsonian Institution, Wesleyan University, and many more.

Maria’s book Hècatombe 9-11 has been chosen by The 9-11 Memorial Museum in New York City as an ambassador to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on the USA. It is part of the exhibit “And Yet We Rise: A Retrospect of the Days and Times Surrounding 9/11″ at the American Consulate in London from 2021 to 2022.

Over the years Maria has curated a number of exhibits. In 2021 she curated “Crossroads: Book Artists’ Impassioned Responses to Immigration, Human Rights and Our Environment” at the Hunterdon Museum of Art in New Jersey. A previous exhibit was “Book as Witness: The Artist’s Response” at the Center for Book Arts in New York City.

Maria has presented book arts lectures at the Library of Congress, the College Book Arts Association, and the Art Libraries Society of North America, among other venues. Her most recent articles are: “Mark To Impress” in The California Printmaker, the journal of the California Society of Printmakers; “Mark to Impress: Visualizing the Process” in the Guild of Book Workers Journal; and “Mark to Impress: Utilizing New Tools” in The Blue Notebook in the United Kingdom.

Maria continuously gives national and international workshops in printing, book arts, and conservation, including at the Bridwell Library in Dallas, Texas; the Center for Book Arts in New York City; the Professione Libro in Italy; many libraries; and her studio. Visit her at

And the following Saturday:

The Flag Book: A Travel Quest, a Workshop with Maria G Pisano

Presented by the Santa Fe Book Arts Group
Saturday, November 19, 2022, 10 am to 12 noon MT, via Zoom (online)
Suitable for beginner to advanced students, but you MUST be a current Santa Fe BAG member
$28.88 (check or PayPal); must be received by November 14, 2022; REGISTER HERE

Originally created by Hedi Kyle, the flag book is a very exciting form. The layered pages crisscross each other when opening and closing, making the book a living, moving, interactive entity. The flags have wonderful movement and allow for multiple images and content.

In this workshop we will design a three-dimensional book using diverse printing methods (collage, photos, etc.) to create our own designs for the pages and the covers. A truly unique work will emerge.

We will be using maps and other elements of places we like to visit, or have seen, whether in reality or in our imagination; for example, photos of yourself and/or places you have visited or imaginary journeys (where is your favorite place that you would like to visit?). If you have any maps, you can incorporate them in your collage/designs.

And Save the Date!

  • Saturday, December 10, 2022: Monthly BAG Meeting via Zoom
  • Saturday, December 17, 2022: In-Person Annual Meeting at Santa Fe Community College; details soon!