Call for Entries: 2023/24 International Biennial for Paper Fibre Art

The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) is pleased to announce the next biennial celebration of paper art: Beginning March 1, 2023, artists around the globe can apply to be a part of this truly international exhibition that will be featured in the halls of the NTCRI Campus from November 2023 through March 2024. With the support of the NTCRI, artists are invited to re-examine historic and contemporary paper art processes, exploring the material deeply and allowing it to speak on its own terms.

Artists are invited to submit recent works produced since 2021 that are closely aligned with the theme, Earth Speak: Giving Voice to Paper.

What is our fragile planet telling us?

What are the myths, images, and stories that will help us understand what is happening in this moment in time: good, bad, beautiful or unsightly?

What messages can be revealed that can help us see things differently ?

What can inspire us to become agents of change?

What are the messages we want to share with the future?

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