Call for Entries: Celebration of the Book

Santa Fe Book Arts Group presents

Celebration of the Book

October 2023 to April 2024

The Santa Fe Book Arts Group (BAG) will have several public exhibits during a six-month period to showcase the works of its members. Those scheduled to date include:

  • Santa Fe Main Library (October 2023)
  • Santa Fe Southside Library (October 2023)
  • Santa Fe LaFarge Library (October 2023)
  • Santa Fe Community College (March-April 2024)

During that period of time BAG will also hold a number of programs, workshops, and presentations.

Please Note: As part of our partnership agreement with Libros New Mexico Book Arts Guild, its members have been invited to participate in these exhibits and events. All of the guidelines below apply to Libros members as well.

Submission Guidelines

Each BAG member is entitled to submit up to two pieces of book art for the exhibits. If you submit a collaborative, that book will count as one of the two books allowed for each of the submitters (only submit one form, please).

All entries must be clean and dry, and produced by the submitting BAG member. Credit for any books displayed will identify only the member who submits the piece. If some parts of the book have been produced by someone other the member, it is up to you to inform that person that acknowledgement for the piece will be given solely to the submitter.

Because our venues are supported by public funds, entries must be free of political content and explicit sexual content.

Curating the Exhibits

An Exhibits Committee has been formed to curate the exhibits. It is the intent that each piece submitted will be displayed in at least one venue.

Please note that wall pieces will be displayed without any protective display cases or barriers, and depending on space availability, some three-dimensional entries may also be displayed without any protective display cases. Every effort will be made to display all entries securely and safely to minimize the possibility of damage.

By submitting your artwork you do so with the understanding and agreement that that the Exhibit Committee has permission to display the books in a manner that is appropriate for the exhibition and within the space allocated.

For the SFCC Exhibit, pieces will be displayed by the staff at the Fine Arts Gallery.

Entry Fee

There is a non-refundable fee of $10 for each entry. You may pay this through PayPal (see below) or by check (see form).

To pay for ONE entry on PayPal, go here:

To pay for TWO entries on PayPal, go here:


You must submit one photo of each piece by Tuesday, August 1, 2023. You may submit photos electronically to or provide them on a flash drive by August 1. Please name the photos as follows:

yourlastname-yourfirstname-name-of-piece.jpg (or .png—both file types are acceptable)

So for example: filatoff-julie-into-the-briny-deep.jpg

By submitting your photograph you are granting BAG permission to use your photos for publicity purposes such as inclusion in exhibit catalogs, published matter, promotional materials, and websites.

Additionally, you are granting permission for exhibit visitors to take photos of your pieces for their personal and non-commercial use.

A photo of each entry, including the title and the name of the artist, will be published on the BAG website and in the show catalog.

Delivery Guidelines: Hand Deliveries

The deadline for all entries is Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Please be sure to include the completed and signed Application Form with your entry. If you are paying by check, please include the check with the application form.

You may submit artwork at any in-person BAG meeting prior to August 1.

You may also submit artwork by appointment at any of the following locations no later than August 1.

Central Santa Fe: Helen Fabel, (505) 316-6801 (text only) or (505) 988-1879 (calling/messages),

Santa Fe Southside: Will Karp, (505) 231-0054,

Albuquerque: Susan Wright, (678) 899-0509,

You must submit each entry in a closed box with any appropriate protective materials. You may include display instructions, photos, and written preferences. Every attempt will be made to present your book as you wish, but there is no guarantee that will occur, and you submit your books with the understating and agreement that the final presentation configuration is at the sole discretion of the Exhibit Committee.

The Exhibit Committee will contact you after April 2024 to arrange the return of your artwork.

You may not remove any piece selected for the exhibit before the shows’ conclusion. Any pieces that you do not pick up will be held and distributed at a future BAG meeting or by appointment.

Delivery Guidelines: Mailed Artwork

The deadline to receive all entries is Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Please package artwork securely and safely in a box:

If mailing by US Post Office: BAG, PO Box 4332, Santa Fe, NM 87502-4332.

If mailing by UPS or FedEx, please email for instructions.

Please include the completed and signed Application Form with your entry. If you are paying by check, please include the check with the application form.

Please send an email to when you mail the package with any tracking information (if applicable) so that we can check with the Post Office or UPS or FedEx if the package is slow in arriving.

The Exhibit Committee will mail back your piece(s) to you after April 2024. If your address changes between August 1, 2023, and April 1, 2024, it is your responsibility to inform BAG via email at BAG is not responsible for lost packages. The cost of mailing will be the responsibility of the applicant.


It is BAG’s intention to store all entries before and between exhibits in a climate-controlled storage unit. Please be aware that entries may be stored or on exhibit until April 30, 2024.

Artistic Guidelines

Entries are meant to “show the artist’s hand”: that is, they demonstrate a high degree of handmade work and limited pre-made components. Techniques encouraged include the judicial use of handmade papers, natural materials, found objects and materials, altered books, calligraphy, photography, watercolor and other original hand-painted images, and embellishments. Spiral bindings and other commercially available binding schemes are discouraged. Minimize the use of pre-fabricated elements, photos, snapshots, logos, or recognizable symbols that might interfere with presenting a unique design.

Size Requirements

Consider the size of your pieces. It is possible that we may be limited in displaying overly large pieces because of limited amount of wall space, pedestals, or other display cases.

Wall Pieces

You are strongly encouraged to consider submitting wall pieces as your entry. There is much more wall space available than vitrines and shelves, and your submittal would be more likely to be exhibited in more than one of the exhibits.

You may use Plexiglas or other protective materials if desired.

Wall pieces must be pre-wired and be ready to hang.


All material entered must be free of copyright infringement, and the submitter must certify that it is free of any copyright issues. It is solely up to the artist to take full responsibility for assuring that the piece is copyright-free or clearly documented to be free of any infringements. Care needs to be taken with using poetry, quotes, text, etc., that are generally (but not always) copyright-free 70 years after the author’s death. Some Native American symbols and designs may be prohibited as well as certain cartoons. Rights to use songs, lyrics, and quotes may also have restrictions that need to be verified by the submitter. Please submit documentation with your application that you have permission to use any copyright material.

Insurance and Liablity

Theft and vandalism have not been issues in past exhibits; however, artists need to be aware of the potential for loss or damage to their work.

Between the times the entries are submitted to BAG and returned to the artis, every effort will be made to protect submitted artworks. Please note that BAG and the individuals and facilities holding and storing the submittals prior to or after the show shall assume no responsibility or liability for loss or damage. By signing the Application Form, the owner or submitter of the artwork agrees to relieve BAG and its members from any and all liability for the artwork submitted. You may wish to contact your personal insurer if you have any questions regarding liability insurance.


The artist has the option to state whether or not the book is for sale. Interested buyers may contact the artist directly or contact BAG (in which case we will notify you of the interested party). BAG has no rights or interest in any negotiations or sales made privately between the artist and the buyer.

Our Hosts

Please keep in mind that we are the guests of the Exhibit facilities. It is not a foregone conclusion that we will continue to be invited in the future, so we ask that when you communicate with our hosts, you acknowledge our appreciation for their hospitality and consideration.