Collaborative Book Project for 2017

Santa Fe Book Arts Group 2017 Collaborative Book Project


Participants must be BAG members in good standing.


  • Friday, August 4, 2017: Deadline for members to notify Linda Zwick ( of their intention to participate.
  • August 12, 2017 (or earlier): Participants will be notified how many participants have declared themselves and how many pages to make for exchange.
  • October (likely; exact date TBD): Meeting for exchange of pages for the book and for construction of participants’ books.
  • Saturday, December 2, 2017 (at BAG Annual End-of-Year Meeting): Participants will bring their collaborative books for showing off.

Origin of the Idea for this Collaborative Book

Libros Book Guild’s collaborative book project this year (in February, as usual) was exceptionally fun and resulted in an extraordinary collaborative book for each participant. Linda Zwick requested and received permission from representatives of Libros Book Guild (including Kim Zuidema, who originated the design of this year’s collaborative for Libros) to closely follow the 2017 Libros collaborative design. We very much appreciate this opportunity to adopt and adapt such a successful collaborative book design.


Squiggle–defined by Google as “a short line that curls and loops in an irregular way” and by the Cambridge Dictionary as “a short line written or drawn in an irregular, curving way.” One or more squiggles are to appear on a participants’ pages.

Color Palette

The color palette for artwork on the pages is limited to the following: black, white, shades of gray, gold or silver metallic. Please resist using any other colors.

Paper and Other Materials

Participants must use Rives BFK white 250g paper for their pages; NO substitutions are permitted. Linda Zwick will make a bulk purchase and will make the paper available to participants at cost (which will probably be $10 to $13 depending on the number of participants, and, thus, the number of sheets needed).

The pages will be joined using double-sided tape, which worked extremely well for the Libros Collaborative book. Linda Zwick will make a bulk purchase of double-sided tape and will make rolls of the tape available to participants. Estimated cost of the tape is $8 to $10 per roll; each book will likely use less than 1 roll.

Final information about paper and double-sided tape costs will be sent to participants when the participant count is finalized.

Book board will be provided to participants at the compilation meeting and participants should bring their own book cloth or paper to cover the book board for their book covers.

Book Structure

Each page will be 5 inches tall by 10 inches wide (grain short) and will have a vertical fold in the center of the page. Thus, the finished book will be 5 inches x 5 inches, and approximately 3 inches thick.

The book will use a Leporello binding. The Libros instructions noted that the Leporello binding technique is named after a character in Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. In the opera, Don Giovanni seduces so many women that when his manservant, Leporello, displays a tally of them all it unfolds across the stage.

In Sum

Each Participant Will Bring to the Compilation Meeting:

  • a (designated) number of decorated (painted, drawn, printed, collaged) sheets equal to the total number of participants, plus three – only the front side of the page should be decorated; the back side will be attached to the adjoining pages. Participants are expected to sign their pages so that other participants know to whom to attribute pages in their collaborative books. REMINDER: Participants MUST use Rives BFK white 250g.
  • His/her own paper or book cloth for covering book board for the covers for his/her book.

Each Participant will be Provided, at cost:

  • The Rives BFK white 250g paper (20 inches x 30 inches) required (approximately $10-$13)
  • Double-sided tape (approximately $8-$10)

Each Participant will be Provided, at the Compilation Meeting:

  • a page from every other participant
  • a title page
  • a page listing the participants
  • cut book board for use as covers of the book

Questions? Contact Linda Zwick at