In Over My Head Groups

Cheryl Trostrud-White demonstrates blockprinting. Click to enlarge.

BAG continued the In Over My Head Study Groups for the third year in 2016. This year’s study groups have found successes and some met fewer times that expected. Some of the difficulty seems to be in locating a place to meet. BAG’s plan is to assist in locating those needed places through possibly Fire House Community rooms. We look forward to supporting another year of groups working to enhance their skills.

 At our  December Annual Meeting all IOMH groups are invited to bring their work for “show and tell.” These groups allow members to gain an in-depth look at a topic or structure and to get to know fellow BAG members well. The study group setting allows a variety of approaches, including collaborative works or independent work on a particular structure or theme with meeting session updates.

Suggested study group topics continue to include (with contacts noted; see the roster for email address or phone number):

  • Variations on the Accordion, Austa Oliver

  • Altered Books, Cynthia Leespring

  • Artist Trading Cards

  • Book Structures (full), Gail Murray

  • Calligraphy, E. Klingner

  • Collage, Pam McKellar

  • Fabric Books, Cynthia Leespring

  • Illustrated Journal, Austa Oliver

  • Mixed Media, Patty Hammarstedt

  • Nature Journaling, E. Klingner

  • Paper and Thread, Cynthia Leespring

  • Pop-ups

  • Watercolor, Elayne Karickhoff

  • Zentangle (full), Gail Murray

 Not actively meeting at this time:

  • Alternative Surfaces and Transfers

  • Complex Surfaces

  • Decorated Envelope

  • Drawing/Sketching

  • Mail Art and Artistamps

  • Photography

  • Writing

 BAG members are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities for learning via the In Over My Head concept. If you are interested in joining or starting any groups, please contact Karen Sheffer. Karen spearheads this project and is available to chat at meetings.