Mail Art

Mail Art is an ongoing project sponsored by BAG, and all members are welcome to participate. This project presents an opportunity to make a piece of art each month and send it through the U.S. mail to another member of BAG. Then each month you will find a piece of art in your mailbox, relieving the tedium of solicitations, bills, and junk mail.

2019-2021 Mail Art Project

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Gail Murray and Douglass Rankin, the Mail Art Co-Chairs, are heading up a new mail art program that began in March 2019. It is called “Project 26: Alphabet Mail Art,” and it will include one letter for each month that BAG has a general meeting. Any BAG member is welcome to participate.

Size and Paper Type

4”x6” on cardstock, at least as thick as a standard postcard. The size and paper stock are the only requirements.

Sign Up to Participate

There are 15 BAG members who have committed to completing the entire alphabet, but any BAG member is welcome to participate. Each month we’ll introduce a new letter of the alphabet. Send your name, address, and email to Linda Zwick at by the 15th of each month. Linda will send you the name of another BAG member. There is no free lunch, folks! Mail a card and get a card.

After Signing Up

  • Create two postcards based on the letter introduced. Mail one card to your mail art buddy. Also mail one card to Santa Fe BAG, PO Box 4332, Santa Fe, NM 87502-4332.

  • We recommend mailing your card in an envelope, making it more likely it will arrive undamaged (55¢). Because this is a standard size, you may mail it as a postcard if you choose (35¢).

  • We encourage you to complete each letter and mail it to your recipient before the next BAG meeting.

  • When you do receive your Alphabet Mail Art postcard, please email the sender to let them know their card arrived.

BAG will keep all cards received in the BAG Archive. We will display them as possible as the project proceeds.

Mail Art began as one of BAG’s first projects, and it continues to be a fun and exciting part of our organization. Please join us!

If you have questions about this project you may email: Gail Murray or Douglass Rankin