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Inspired by Washi: 1400+ Years of Sustainable Paper Making, a presentation by Linda Marshall of Washi Arts

Free; Open to the Public; All are Welcome
Friday, February 14, 2020, 7 pm
Santa Fe Community College Boardroom

Wa = Japanese and shi = paper | washi = Japanese paper

People don’t realize how strong, versatile, long-lasting, and sustainable washi really is. It may look fragile, but it’s deceiving. How many crafts or artforms are still practiced the way they were 1,400 years ago?

Washi is more than paper. It is a material that does not have a direct comparison in the Western world. It has many textile-like qualities. It has traditional uses that seem unfathomable to our perception of paper but are magic in the hands of artists.

Japanese artisan craftsman have been handmaking gorgeous sheets of paper from sustainable fibers that have inspired artists for hundreds of years.

In this presentation you’ll learn about the history of these beautiful papers and what makes them different from Western papers. Explore how to use washi in your artwork, hear about the state of Japanese papermaking today, and learn why classical artists such as Rembrandt and contemporary artists like Jacob Hashimoto seek out and treasure these special papers for their work.

The presentation will include photos and videos from Japanese artisan studios, and modern and historic examples of artwork and artist books using washi. You’ll leave inspired by the potential and the range of Japanese papers for your own work—whether you are a book artist, binder, printmaker, paper artist, conservator, printer or fine artist (or all of the above).

Linda’s company, Washi Arts, sells a wide range of Japanese paper tools and supplies and is undergirded with her passion for information, education, and inspiration. Linda will have a selection of unique Japanese papers for sale before and after the presentation. https://www.washiarts.com/

Paper Voodoo: Transforming Japanese Paper with Konnyaku, a workshop with Linda Marshall

Members $85, non-members $115 (includes BAG membership through 2020) plus material fee of $30 payable to the instructor
Saturday, February 15, OR Sunday, February 16, 2020, 9:30 am to 4 pm
Santa Fe Community College Fine Arts Building, Room 712

Konnyaku is the powdered root of a perennial plant in Japan known by any of several names, including voodoo lily, snake palm, elephant yam, and devil’s tongue. Konnyaku softens and strengthens Japanese papers, giving them a cloth-like consistency and some waterproofing.

On day one of this workshop we’ll be applying konnyaku to a range of Japanese washi/paper for use as cloth, collage, sculpture, and interesting book forms. We’ll also be exploring the potential to add pattern and texture to papers using various formation tools in conjunction with konnyaku. Learn traditional techniques for modern artwork. Learn about and work with a wonderful range of Japanese washi including: kyoseishi, momigami, mingei, unryu, handmade kozo, handmade iron-oxide mitsumata, chiyogami/yuzen, katazome-shi, shoji paper, and other special and hard-to-source papers. During day one of this weekend workshop, participants will learn more about the paper they will be working with for paste papers the second day.

Part 1: The workshop will start off with a brief overview of Japanese paper (what makes it different from Western paper and various types of washi) and many examples of items made using washi + konnyaku for inspiration.

Part 2: Learn how to prepare and use konnyaku to make momigami (kneaded) paper. We’ll create an impressive range of treated papers with textures and pattern set by the starch, and learn how to use konnyaku as sizing for various media, and as a light adhesive for collage. Participants will leave with a good range of samples for reference and inspiration. The day will ensure all are comfortable with preparing and applying konnyaku to different papers, and troubleshoot studio issues preparing konnyaku.

Part 3: We’ll use papers created in the workshop to make a simple book structure to contain the konnyaku-treated paper samples as well as paper samples from Sunday’s paste paper workshop.

Registration: BOTH DAYS ARE FULL AND THERE IS A WAITING LIST; CONTACT LAURA. Class size is limited to 12 participants per workshop. Please make check payable to BAG and mail to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507. For more information, contact Laura Wait at laurawait@mac.com.

Speaking to the Imagination: The Contemporary Artist’s Book, a presentation by John Macker

Free; Open to the Public; All are Welcome
Saturday, March 14, 2020, 1 pm to 3 pm
Santa Fe Community College Boardroom (Click here for map; enter through West Wing, orange building)

John will speak on bookmaking with art, heart, and words.

John Macker, the Director of Publications, Prints, and Paper at the Gerald Peters Gallery/Peters Projects, has been with the organization for 19 years. His background is in literature and journalism; a widely published poet for 35 years, John has had 10 full-length titles and various broadsides, recordings, and chapbooks published. He has received several awards for his work including a 2019 finalist award for the Fischer Poetry Prize, sponsored by the Telluride Institute, and he is a finalist for an Arizona/New Mexico Book Award.

A Life in Letterpress, a presentation by Mary Laird

Free; Open to the Public; All are Welcome
Friday, April 3, 2020, 7 pm
Venue TBD

Mary Risala Laird joined Perishable Press Limited in 1969 and ran it with Walter Hamady for 15 years. Mary and Walter published 90 books together during that time. For over two decades, Ms. Laird has taught letterpress classes and workshops at major institutions and centers across the country including San Francisco State University, Naropa University, and the San Francisco Center for the Book, where she was also a board member. She also works with private clients in her home print shop and considers herself a “book doula.” Since 1969, Ms. Laird has printed as Quelquefois Press with a focus on poetry editions. Her work is in many collections across the country, including Stanford, University of California Berkeley, the Library of Congress, University of Wisconsin Madison, the British Library, Yale University, University of Washington, and University of California. Mary has an MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has three grown children, lives in Berkeley with her husband John Malork, and is a member of the Sufi community.

Design and Print a Chapbook in Two Days, a workshop with Mary Laird

Members $220, non-members $250 (includes BAG membership through 2020); includes materials
Saturday, April 4, and Sunday, April 5, 2020, 9 am to 4:30 pm
Santa Fe Community College Book Arts Studio, Room 710

This workshop is open to students with all levels of printing experience. Students will learn how to use a Vandercook letterpress and how to set, lay out, and print books on the press. We will print and assemble a group chapbook, and each student will receive three copies. By using a four-up and two-up format, students will be able to create a single-signature, 12-page book by printing on only two sheets of paper (simplifying the number of runs and the editioning process). This system can also be used to create individual signatures that could be used in a fine binding.

On the first day we will learn the fundamentals of typesetting on a letterpress. When taught well, typesetting is a joy, and there will be much fun to be had! Students are asked to bring some favorite haikus or four- to six-line verses from poems, which we will assemble into a Dadaesque poetry book. We will also incorporate images to be printed on the press. Students will proof their copy and prepare ink colors.

On the second day, students will print their book according to the dummy made the first day with proper page setup and layout on the press. Each student will print three copies of the book. We will then assemble the book with a pamphlet stitch. The components of the book will include a half title, title, text, colophon, and printed cover.

Mary will also demonstrate a few methods of pressure printing that students can practice in the future for backgrounds and covers.

Registration: Class limited to 8 participants. To register, send a check payable to BAG to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507, postmarked no earlier than January 17, 2020. For more information, contact Laura Wait at laurawait@mac.com.

Mesoamerican Iconography and Bookmaking, a presentation by Moira Garcia

Free; Open to the Public; All are Welcome
Saturday, May 2, 2020, 1 pm to 3 pm
Santa Fe Community College Boardroom

Moira will present on the traditions of Mesoamerican iconography and bookmaking and its significance in contemporary Mexican and Latinx art and her own practice.

Visit https://www.moiragarcia.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/moira.garcia.art/.

The Tonalpohualli Calendar and Ancient Bookmaking Traditions of Mexico, a workshop with Moira Garcia

Members $60, Non-Members $90 (includes BAG membership through 2020); includes supplies
Sunday May 3, 2020, 10 am to 4 pm
Santa Fe Community College Fine Arts Building, Room 710

Workshop participants will learn about Mesoamerican timekeeping and the Tonalpohualli calendar as it relates to ancient bookmaking traditions of Mexico. They will create an accordion-fold codex with prints of the Tonalpohualli day signs. Participants will learn techniques of printmaking using scratch foam and hand burnishing. They will leave the workshop with a complete handprinted codex of the Tonalpohualli and a small edition of prints.

Registration: Class limited to 10 participants. To register, make check payable to BAG and send to SF BAG, PO Box 33691, Santa Fe, NM, 87594, postmarked no earlier than March 1, 2020. For more information contact Ashisha at ashisha@newmexico.com.