Online Book Art Gallery 23 Sandy Relaunches Under New Ownership

23 Sandy is excited to announce the relaunch of its online gallery and a transition of ownership.

23 Sandy was founded in Portland, Oregon, by book artist and photographer Laura Russell in 2007. For 10 years it was a brick-and-mortar gallery space exhibiting a wide range of unique and edition artist books and paper art. 23 Sandy closed its physical doors in 2017, becoming an online gallery. In July 2020, the gallery is relaunching under the ownership of book artist Erin Mickelson, 23 Sandy’s long-time gallery assistant until her relocation to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

23 Sandy’s new online gallery will feature book and paper art as well as maintain a record of the gallery’s rich and vibrant history through exhibition archives, a vast catalog (over 1,000 titles) of available and sold works, and historic posts. Over its years, the gallery hosted 91 inspiring exhibitions—20 of which were international juried exhibitions featuring thoughtfully curated works by a talented roster of artists from around the world. In addition to featuring creative and contemporary works, the online gallery is an extensive resource for anyone curious about artist books.

In addition to managing the online gallery, Erin will represent 23 Sandy at book arts workshops, conferences, and visits to institutions, and will work with local art spaces to exhibit artist books. She will continue to grow and diversify the gallery’s catalog of works.

A few words from Laura and Erin:

“It is such a thrill to pass 23 Sandy into Erin’s knowledgeable and capable hands. For four years she played a vital role in the success of the gallery, and I’ve always been grateful for her time and energy. Erin’s well-trained, critical, and thoughtful way of looking at books will bring a fresh and considered viewpoint to the wide world of book arts. I am thrilled to be able to retire into my studio and that 23 Sandy will live on with such an exciting vision.”
—Laura Russell

“Much gratitude is due to Laura Russell for creating such an impactful and inspiring art space. 23 Sandy has been an invaluable resource and platform for the book arts community, thanks to Laura’s diligent efforts and creative thinking. I’m excited and honored to carry the torch.”
—Erin Mickelson

Visit the gallery online at and contact with any questions or comments.

Creative Reuse Center Opens in Santa Fe

The Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival nonprofit is opening northern New Mexico’s one-of-a-kind creative reuse center, Resourceful Santa Fe.  It is at 2879-A Industrial Road (off Siler Road). A creative reuse center is a well-curated thrift store with real thrift store prices, an unofficial art supply store, a dumpster diver’s paradise, a community space, an economic development driver for local artists, and a local nonprofit. Its mission is to divert material from the waste stream by collecting and redistributing discarded items to artists, educators, social service providers, and the community for reuse and repurposing.

You can:

  • Donate items (see the guidelines here; then make an appointment with Sarah Pierpont by contacting her at (505) 603-0558 or All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Make an appointment (contact info above) to shop or to be placed on the mailing list for future pop-up events.
  • Attend the grand opening later this fall.

DreamJournal Workshop with Victoria Rabinowe

BAG member Victoria Rabinowe writes, “DreamJournaling is about the exploration the infinite sea that lies within. It is about looking deep within yourself for insight and meaning. DreamJournaling takes you beyond surface appearance, beyond the domain of material form, beyond your illusions and delusions. It leads you down deep into the essence of your Soul, into the place where essential truths dwell. DreamJournaling invites you to attend to yourself, to listen to yourself, to know yourself in profound ways. Through DreamJournaling techniques of spontaneous writing and found imagery collage, even the most enigmatic dream can become a precious communication from the transcendent source. In DreamJournal workshops you will create a beautiful book filled with poetry, prose, and collage from materials you have at home.”

Victoria will hold the DreamJournal Workshop on three Mondays (July 20 and 27, and August 3) from 1:30 pm to 4:30 Mountain Time. For more information or to register, email Victoria at

Summer Bookmaking Series in Utah

Summer Bookmaking Series: The Book Arts Program

J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City (also online)

Instructors: Marnie Powers-Torrey, Amy Thompson, and Emily Tipps

July 1 through August 5, 2020, Mondays & Wednesdays, 6–8 pm MDT

$350 for the full series, materials kit & shipping included ($45 savings over registering for sessions individually)

This 10-session series introduces both traditional bookbinding skills and structures as well as alternative forms. Join for the entire series, for a single session, or for multiple sessions. Each session is self-contained, though those who take multiple sessions have the opportunity to develop skills over the course of the series. Each session focuses on demonstrations, and participants may choose or need to complete the books afterward. Register at

BAG Member Margy O’Brien’s Work in Art Show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Margy O’Brien reports that she has been busy during quarantine, making art for a new show, Lightscape. It is a collaboration of the Luna Project, a collection of 12 artists. The show opened on July 11 and will run through September 27, 2020, at the Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors Boulevard NW, Albuquerque, NM.

Yes, it’s an “in-person” show with COVID-19 precautions. “My main contribution to this show is an installation of five paper fold-up books/banners titled Bosque Spectrum,” Margy says. “I took a workshop with Kuzana Ogg of Santa Fe in traditional handsewn, ramie fabric Pojagi a couple of years ago but always wanted to apply the process to paper and books. Then I saw a workshop announced at the San Francisco Center for the Book on Paper Bojagi with Steph Rue at about the same time, but was unable to attend it. So I got busy on my own.

“These hanging books are made of mulberry papers, mostly Hanji, tyvek for the hinges and hanging loops, and PVA. Each measures 12″ x 48″. The top “page” has a watercolor painting of some element of the bosque community. As each book unfolds, the imagery gets more simplified and abstracted. When not displayed, they fold up in their own portfolios with cottonwood stick closures, and the five portfolios stack and store (along with the cottonwood branch hangers) in a machine-sewn fabric pojagi wrapping cloth.

“The work reflects my many walks to the nearby Rio Grande bosque, which has not been closed due to pandemic or fire danger…yet. Working on it was a meditative way to fill my days in solitude. Even on the inevitable heavy days during this time, the subject matter, the translucent papers, and the joyful colors kept me going. I also have two other books in the show.”

Memoir Workshops with Victoria Rabinowe

Memoir writing can help you connect your stories with the history of your community and country. Religion, gender, customs, ceremonies, celebrations, philosophy bind you to your tribe and your homeland through heritage and tradition. Societal conditions, prejudices, and dogmas socialize you with an enduring imprint that becomes internalized. Through guided writing techniques, you will transpose your memories, experiences, and recollections with vivid language and inspirational writing prompts. Create a beautiful book filled with poetry, prose, and collage from materials you have at home. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Book of Life: 6 Mondays, August 17 through September 21, 2020, 2 pm to 4 pm Mountain Time. More information:

My Life In the Flow of Time: 6 Wednesdays, October 14 through November 18, 2020, 2 pm to 4 pm Mountain Time. More information:

Online Tour of Victoria’s Studio

Victoria recorded a recent tour of her DreamingArts Studio on Zoom. The one-hour recording offers a great overview if you have been eager to visit her studio or if you want to know more about her dream and memoir workshops:

Next Online Meeting: Saturday, July 11, 2020

BAG at a Distance Digitally: An Online Meeting via Zoom

Saturday, July 11, 2020, 1 pm to approximately 2:30 pm
Free; Open to the Public; All are Welcome

Do you miss all your BAG friends? We do, too! Join this virtual digital meeting from a distance.

This meeting will feature a studio tour with Cynthia Leespring and a gallery tour of a book arts exhibition. Kim Burkholder will present the letter “J” for Mail Art. Have a project nearby to show your fellow BAG members.

If you have never used Zoom before, here’s a helpful video:

Or go here to contact us for help:

You will want to use a device that has internet access, a camera, and a microphone (like your cell phone or iPad, and some laptop or desktop computers). If you prefer, you can also simply call in on your telephone for audio only.

You aren’t required to have a Zoom account to join the meeting, but Zoom will ask you to download the app to your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Be sure to update your Zoom app (on whatever device you use–PC, Mac, phone, iPad, etc.–by visiting here before the next meeting:

People on the BAG mailing list will receive log-in instructions a few days prior to the meeting. Want to be added to the list? Either become a member or send an email to be added. Click here if you can’t find the email that we sent to you.

Come View BAG’s Windows on the Future: Through August 3, 2020

See the August 3, 2020, update at the end of this post.

Vital Spaces, in partnership with 516 ARTS and The Paseo Project, selected Santa Fe Book Arts Group for Windows on the Future, a series of month-long storefront art installations in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos. Selections were made based on whether the project was viable, compelling, relevant, and of high quality.

BAG’s installation is up through Monday, August 3, 2020. You can view it at 1618 St. Michael’s Drive in Santa Fe (between Annapurna and Santa Fe Bite).

Here is BAG’s statement for the installation:

Our Future Blooms From Our Creative Past

This window display is an opportunity to continue build awareness in the community about book arts in this time of social distancing.

Cracking the seeds of creativity—creating worlds of emerging beauty with sculptures, books, and hanging art—evokes the concept of art fertility and how beauty comes from the hardest of times. Emerging futures! A crack in the normal! Our vision for our window is a glimpse into a newer way of living: full of life and with the spirit of joy, we illustrate the many uses of book arts in hard times in representing the life force that keeps us all alive and entertained. We have an “In the BAG, Out of the BAG” program of community arts and public paper creations by BAG members. This program provides the rich burst of energy forces and images to this newer Santa Fe vision of a more vibrant future in a completely upside-down world. Our artist’s statement represents a large group of approximately 150 artists with wildly exciting paper works and creative diversity. We work independently then come together for the creation of hope and joy for our undefined futures. We believe that the creative spirit is the answer to all obstacles and solutions, and it comes from creative play. During this time of isolation, the artist’s mind comes alive. It is our personal gift: making tangible what we see and dream can be shared. People walking by seeing our installation will say, “What is that? What is happening?”

Click on any image below to start the slideshow.

Many thanks to the following members who are participating in this event:

  • Tracy Armagost
  • Sally Blakemore
  • Kim Burkholder
  • Andrea Cypress
  • Lindsay Faulkner
  • Liz Faust
  • Kelly Finnerty
  • Alex Fischer
  • Leah Gibbons
  • Lynn Grimes
  • Barb Macks
  • Lisa Miles
  • Pat Moses
  • Douglass Rankin
  • Elsie Rippel
  • Jill Schwarz

For more information on Vital Spaces, visit

August 3, 2020, Update: Windows on the World has received a lot of press!

Los Alamos Daily Post, featuring The Eyes of Time:

Mail Art Next Letter is “H”

The next letter in the mail art series is “H.” BAG board member Ashisha presented the letter “H” at our last online monthly meeting (see below). Want to participate in mail art?  Click here for all the rules and information.

The Beginnings and Travels of “H”

H is the 8th letter of our alphabet and also the 8th most commonly used letter.

H loves to be in relationship (he or she is not always monogamous): ch, sh, th, wh, gh, and ph.

H travels in and out of words and H can stand alone be strong and sometimes silent, i.e. whole and hole.

And as Gail Murray pointed out, there are two h’s (actually sh’s) in my name.

Online Exhibition of Calligraphy on Marbled Paper

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Art inspired by Shakespeare’s writings by Tom Leech and Patricia Musick

An online exhibition and sales shop. Exhibition continues through Friday, June 12, 2020.

Historic Santa Fe Foundation presents the exhibition Something Wicked This Way Comes, a collaborative show from Tom Leech, a Santa Fe papermaker and marbler, and Patricia Musick, an accomplished Colorado calligrapher and artist, inspired by some of Shakespeare’s most famous lines. HSFF may host a closing reception on May 29. We offer this online exhibition for ease of viewing and purchase online.

We may offering private showings by appointment. To make an appointment for a viewing, or to make a purchase by phone, please contact HSFF staff member Melanie McWhorter,, and we will call you back. Purchase artworks online by clicking the Purchase button near each artwork. Shipping is additional and clients will be contacted post-purchase for shipping details. Please include an email and/or phone number for contact or call or email us at 505-983-2567 or or

20% of all sales benefit Historic Santa Fe Foundation. Visit

Book Arts Call for Entries: Pulp

Call for Entries at Sebastopol Center for the Arts: Pulp

Entry/Submission Deadline Monday, May 18, 2020 | 3-6 PM

Exhibit: June 20–July 26, 2020

A call for Book Arts: handmade artist’s books showing the art and craft of letterpress printing, bookbinding, and excellence in artists bookmaking and altered book techniques.

Equally encouraged are innovative or traditional explorations of paper arts

Calls for Entry Info: PULP Prospectus

Calls for Entry Form: PULP Hand Delivery Form

PULP Hand Delivery Student Form

PULP Online Form

Artwork Intake: Monday, May 18, 2020, from 3-6 PM

Creative Writing/Collage Workshop with Victoria Rabinowe and Freya Diamond

Create Your Personal Haggadah: A Soul-Searching Creative Writing and Collage Workshop led by Victoria Rabinowe with Freya Diamond

Sunday, March 8, 2020, 10 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: $75
More information: or email or call 505 699-4249

The power of the biblical Exodus story resonates in each of us with a deep connection to our individual spiritual journey from darkness into light. In this workshop you will create a personal Haggadah embellished with collage and spontaneous writing. You will transpose the struggles, turmoils, and triumphs of your individual life into a mythic journey. This workshop will inspire you to use your intuition, your power, and your delight; you will have a full day in the DreamingArts Studio to sing the songs of your sorrows, your losses, your loves, and your light. All materials will be provided, but you may want to bring your own toolkit, decorative papers, blank books, and ephemera. Send a check to reserve your space $75  to Victoria Rabinowe, 1432 Don Gaspar Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Victoria Rabinowe is one of the founding mothers of BAG as Czarina, program director, and newsletter wrangler. As a professional DreamWorker and workshop guide, Victoria has facilitated over 800 innovative weekly journal, book arts, creative writing, and dream workshops, seminars, and retreats worldwide and in Santa Fe at the DreamingArts Studio. She is the award-winning author/illustrator of I Had the Craziest Dream Last Night: Creative Explorations Into The Genius of the Night Mind, and the forthcoming Conversations with Psyche: Poetry of the Soul. Her artist’s books and sculptural artwork have been exhibited in museums, universities, and galleries throughout the USA and abroad.

Book Arts Workshop Proposals Sought

Focus on Book Arts is seeking workshop proposals for the 15th biennial conference held June 23-27, 2021, at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. The conference draws around 200 participants with a variety of levels of expertise attending workshops conducted by well-known, experienced book artists. A trade show, artist fair, and evening lectures are just a few of the additional events that are a traditional part of the conference.

We are looking for beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level workshops. We would also like to consider master-level workshops that may involve critical problem-solving or more advanced hands-on work. The format of the conference is in classes of one, two, or three days. Instructors may submit proposals for the length of days they think appropriate for their class. We encourage instructors to submit a combination of workshops that cover the entire five days of the conference. Each day is six contact hours, 9:00 until 4:30 with a 1½ hour lunch break.

Details and workshop proposal forms can be found on All proposals must be received by May 15, 2020, and acceptance letters will be sent by June 30, 2020. If you have any questions please contact the workshop chair, Christine Trexel, at or 503-325-2139.

Paste Paper Workshop with Elizabeth McKee

Paste Paper Workshop Led by Elizabeth McKee

Saturday, January 18, and Sunday, January 19, 2020, 9:30 am–4 pm, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fee: $150 (includes 4 full sheets of Arches Text wove, all paste, paint and miscellaneous cool stuff)

Paste paper had its origins about 450 years ago when printers, wanting a less-expensive decorative paper for end papers than marbled paper, added paint to their paste and made patterns on paper with it. Many of us were first introduced to paste paper in primary school where it is known as finger painting. More recently calligraphers realized that paste makes an excellent surface on which to write.

Day one: Participants will systematically prepare pages with assorted pastes and tools to create personal paste paper reference books.

Day two: Paste paper clinic. Participants are invited to bring in unsuccessful paste paper pages and apply new layers or techniques to enhance and improve them, thus turning them into successful paste papers. OR participants may choose to continue to work on their samplers with inspiration from the other participants. OR participants may choose to work on new paste paper with their knowledge gained on day one. OR all of the above.

At the end of day two we will bind our books and make simple pouches for them using some of our fresh paste papers.

To register, send a check for the full amount as soon as possible to: Elizabeth McKee, 320 Amherst Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106; phone 443-527-0550; email A full supply list will be emailed to you after payment is received. Limited to eight participants.

Friday: Make and Take with MAKE Santa Fe

Join MAKE and the Santa Fe Children’s Museum at Vital Spaces for the 3rd annual Holiday Make & Take Event! Skip that Black Friday shopping line to spend some quality time with the family crafting memorable gifts or just making memories with hands on fun.

1 pm – 4 pm Friday 11/29/2019 – $15 per adult – 220 Otero Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico

For $15 per adult you get an afternoon of crafty excitement for the whole family. Stop by one or all of our stations including the creation of seed paper with the Children’s Museum, a variety of fun paper goods, create your own custom lotion, and so much more.

The Santa Fe Book Arts Group is back for their time third making ornaments and cards from all kinds of festive paper goods.

Our favorite Blacksmith, Patricia Strout, will be on hand showing off how to do decorative wire wrapping.

MAKE staff members Jasmine Quinsier and Erin Mickelson will be crafting laser cut holiday paper goodies.

There will be snacks on hand to keep the energy up and beverages for purchase. Tickets may be purchased at the door on the day of the event or at

“Open Case” Talk for Book Arts Exhibition This Saturday in Denver

"50 Revolutions" by Helen Hiebert. Click to enlarge.
“50 Revolutions” by Helen Hiebert. Click to enlarge.

Word | Image | Object is an exhibition of contemporary artists’ bookworks through December 29, 2019. It’s in the Gates Reading Room on the fifth floor of the Denver (Colorado) Public Library’s Central Library at 10 West Fourteenth Avenue Parkway.

This Saturday, October 5, 2019, Alicia Bailey and Brian Trembath will hold an “open case” talk from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Alicia writes: “A downside to showing off artists’ books in public access spaces, such as Denver Public Library’s (DPL) beautiful Gates Reading Room, is that the books must be exhibited behind glass; their tactile qualities underappreciated, their fine-tuned engineering less evident, much of their thoughtful content hidden from view.

“So that Denver metro folks, and visitors, have a chance to appreciate the works in Word | Image | Object, DPL Special Collections Curator Brian Trembath and I will be hosting an Open Case Talk. This will be an informal presentation, giving an overview of the exhibit, highlighting select works from the exhibition, followed by a Q&A session and removal of several books from the cases, allowing attendees a chance to experience the works without a glass barrier.”

To see the works, visit

Pastepaper Workshop with Elizabeth McKee

BAG member Elizabeth McKee will lead a pastepaper workshop on Saturday, November 9, and Sunday, November 10, 2019, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in Albuquerque. The fee of $150 includes 4 full sheets of Arches Text wove, all paste, paint, and “miscellaneous cool stuff.”

Pastepaper had its origins about 450 years ago when printers, wanting a less expensive decorative paper for endpapers than marbled paper, added paint to their paste and made patterns on paper with it. Many of us were first introduced to pastepaper in primary school where it is known as finger painting. More recently calligraphers realized that paste makes an excellent surface on which to write.

Day one: Participants will systematically prepare pages with assorted pastes and tools to create personal pastepaper reference books.

Day two: Pastepaper clinic. Participants are invited to bring in unsuccessful pastepaper pages and apply new layers or techniques to enhance and improve them, thus turning them into successful pastepapers. OR participants may choose to continue to work on their samplers with inspiration from the other participants. OR participants may choose to work on new paste paper with their knowledge gained on day one. OR all of the above.

At the end of day two students will bind their books   and make simple pouches for them using some of the fresh pastepapers.

Click here to download the registration form.

This Weekend: Opera Costume and Prop Sale

The Santa Fe Opera Costume and Prop Sale

Hundreds of costumes, fabrics, accessories, props, and furniture for sale, and just in time for Halloween!

This event is free and open to the public.

Saturday, September 14, and Sun,day September 15, 2019

10 am to 4 pm

The Santa Fe Opera
Stieren Hall
301 Opera Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87506

Saturday Art Opening: Pantone Postcard Project

Come see the work of the 53 BAG members who made color come alive at the first exhibition of the Pantone Postcard Project | BAG Mail Art: 2018-2019.

We’ll kick it off with an opening in the Axle Contemporary Mobile Art Space on Saturday, August 24, 2019, from 4 pm to 7 pm (perhaps beyond). This is in the Santa Fe Railyard near the Farmer’s Market Pavilion, across from Site Santa Fe (near Paseo de Peralta and Guadalupe Street:

The cards will be on display until Sunday, September 8, 2019. Please check the website for daily locations of the van:

Many thanks to Axle Contemporary, which was founded in 2010 by artists Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman as a collaborative work of art and an innovative vehicle for arts distribution.

Axle Contemporary is an art gallery on wheels; it’s housed in the back of a custom retrofitted 1970 aluminum stepvan. The 6′ x 10′ exhibition space features high wood ceilings, exposed beams, track lighting, and a magnetically based system for displaying unframed works on paper. Axle Contemporary exhibits installation art, performance, works on paper (including photography, drawing, and painting), and occasionally sculpture. The van’s mobility allows the gallery to visit both typical art venues and unusual ones, such as schools, empty lots, restaurants, grocery stores, and city streets.

Axle Contemporary has grown beyond the confines of the mobile exhibition space to include book publishing and alternative methods of creation and dissemination of contemporary arts in the public sphere. It is supported in part by Axle Projects, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation that is made possible by donations.

Thanks also to Douglass Rankin and Gail Murray for their tireless energy in creating new challenges and implementing BAG’s mail art program, and to mail art guru emeritus Linda Zwick.

And thanks to book artist Emily Martin, who gave permission to Santa Fe BAG to replicate her 2013 mail art project with Pantone’s colored postcards and 100 artists.

Announcing the 2019 Collaborative Book Project

2019 Collaborative Book Project

Participants: Participants must be BAG members in good standing.


  • Friday, August 30, 2019: Deadline for members to notify Linda Zwick ( or Julie Filatoff ( of their intention to participate.
  • Friday, September 6, 2019 (or earlier): Participants will be notified how many pages to make for exchange and will receive detailed instructions. On this date you will also be able to pick up the Arches Text Wove paper (for the interior pages) at the Rotunda Exhibit Reception, 4 pm to 6 pm, from Julie Filatoff (or contact us to arrange another time).
  • Saturday, October 5, 2019: Meeting for exchange of pages for the book and for construction of participants’ books at La Cienega Volunteer Fire Station (Rancho Viejo).
  • BAG Annual End-of-Year Meeting, early December 2019: Participants will bring their collaborative books to show off.

Theme: Your favorite alphabetic character.

Book Structure: Crown Book as described in Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol’s book, The Art of the Fold. The finished book will be approximately 5½” tall x 3¾” wide. If you wish, you can purchase the book here:

Color Palette: Limited to black, white, metallic silver, metallic gold, metallic copper, shades of gray. Please resist using any other colors.

Paper and Other Materials: For $12 participants will be provided with Arches Text Wove 120gsm white for the interior pages, and French Paper Company Construction 70 lb. white for the spine/accordion/cover. NO SUBSTITUTIONS ARE PERMITTED. On September 6 you may pick up the Arches Text Wove paper at the Rotunda Exhibit Reception, 4 pm to 6 pm, from Julie Filatoff (or contact us to arrange another time).

Each Participant Will Bring to the Compilation Meeting:

  • Approximately 24 decorated (painted, drawn, printed, collaged) sheets, decorated on both sides with the limited palette described above, and on the paper specified.

Each Participant will be Provided, at the Compilation Meeting:

  • A page from every other participant.
  • A title page listing the participants.
  • Paper for the accordion/spine/ cover.

Questions? Contact Linda Zwick at or Julie Filatoff at

Book Arts Workshop in Durango

It Was There All Along: Intro to Pamphlet Bookmaking

Saturday, September 7, 2019, 9:30 am to 5 pm

Durango Arts Center, 802 East Second Ave, Durango, CO 81301 | 970.259.2606

Instructor: Frank Hamrick

Experience Level: All Levels

$135 for DAC Non-Members, $120 for DAC Members

Signup Deadline: Friday, August 23, 2019;

In this one-day workshop, book artist Frank Hamrick will teach students how to construct a hardcover pamphlet style book in the morning followed by a multi-signature Coptic style book in the afternoon. The books made in class will be blank, and students will be able to fill them with their own content in the future. Frank will speak about different book structures, such as hardcover pamphlet, accordion, Japanese, Coptic, and case binding. The class will introduce participants to materials like bookboard, book cloth, PVA glue, Irish linen thread, and double-sided matte photo paper, which Frank uses in many of his handmade photobooks. The workshop will familiarize students with these materials as well as tools like awls, bookbinders’ needles, and bonefolders. Participants will leave the course with their own handmade books as well as a set-by-step process for how these books are constructed.

Frank Hamrick is an associate professor at Louisiana Tech University. His work mixes photography, storytelling, handmade books, and found objects. Frank received his BFA from the University of Georgia and his MFA from New Mexico State University. NPR has written about Frank’s handmade books and Oxford American Magazine listed Frank as one of the 100 Superstars of Southern Art. His work is housed in collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

The Search is on for a New BAG President; Thanks, Barb!

BAG Members,

BAG is having a great year, and it is only the halfway mark! I hope you have enjoyed the programs and are ready for our biennial juried show in September. All signs are that it is shaping to be extraordinary.

I would like to ask you to join with the Board as we plan for 2020 and beyond. I am finishing my terms as BAG President at the end of this year, and we now need to start a search for someone to step into that position.

It is a job that has varied roles and responsibilities that keep BAG building on its rich past and readying the organization for the future. It is a job for someone to bring their ideas for the growth of the organization, and to support the membership as active book artists in the community. It is suited for someone who has had some experience with all-volunteer organizations and enjoys the behind-the-scenes work that supports the stability of the organization.

If you have an interest in serving and would like to talk to me personally or to someone on the Board, please email and we will respond quickly. More information about being a board member is at

Thank you for the opportunities I have had in my role as President of BAG. I do plan to stay on the Board for two additional years, and in that capacity can support the transition.

Barb Macks
BAG President

Call for Vendors: Annual Art Flea Market

The BAG Annual BAG Art Flea Market: Call for Vendors

To be held on Saturday, November 9, 2019, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Meem Room of the Palace of the Governors, 110 Washington Avenue in downtown Santa Fe

An Art Flea Market so BAG members can declutter their artist studios. Members can sell any art supplies or tools that one would use to make 2 or 3D art*, to display art, or be inspired to make art. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Handmade papers
  • Ephemera
  • Paints, pastels, pencils
  • Brushes, palette knives
  • Tools
  • Boxes
  • Interesting rusty things
  • Rubber stamps
  • Fabrics
  • Yarn
  • Books about art techniques or artists
  • Art or art supply storage items
  • Frames and mats

You are also welcome to sell your own artwork.

This is not a garage sale. It is an art event that is anticipated by BAG members, the art community as a whole, and visitors to Santa Fe.

To participate as a seller: Please email Andrea Cypress beginning 6 am on Thursday, August 1, 2019, at to reserve your table. She will confirm your reservation via email and will send additional instructions and information.

*Art such as: handmade books and journals, collages, mixed-media, assemblage, etc.

Bookbinding Equipment for Sale

If you are relatively new to bookbinding, be sure to check out Pam MacKellar’s August class:

Bookbinding Equipment for Sale

Click to enlarge photos. Use back arrow to return to this page.

Excellent Dreadnought Sewing Frame designed by Tim Ely. Very efficient, sturdy and lightweight. Easy to use. 24.25 in x 16 in x 17 in high. Used and in good condition. $650 new, $300 now.
Antique Cast-Iron Paper Press. Very good condition. 15 in x 10 in, 3 in opening. From Edinburgh, Scotland. Works like a charm! Very heavy. $150.
36.5 in Rotatrim Rotary Cutter (12.25 in wide). Retails for $420; selling for $150. Used and in good condition. A wonderful paper cutter. Clean and sharp.

If interested, contact Raphiel Benjamin at 505-470-3647 or

Workshops with Melinda Tidwell

Friend of BAG Melinda Tidwell teaches collage-based workshops in her studio:

The next three-day workshops are Friday, July 19, through Sunday, July 21, 2019; and Friday, August 16, through Sunday, August 18, 2019.

Melinda also has an online workshop that begins Friday, August 23, 2019 (see link above).

And Melinda is teaching at Artisan Santa Fe on Monday, June 24, 2019:

Beginning Calligraphy Class in Albuquerque

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BAG member Elizabeth McKee is teaching a six-session beginning calligraphy class entitled “Writing Romans—Making Monoline Magic—Finding Secrets.” It will be held on six Saturdays—August 31, September 28, October 26, January 25, February 29, and March 28—either from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or from 1 pm to 4 pm in Albuquerque (choose morning or afternoon). “There are enough challenges built in for those who have extra time to invest in exploration,” explains Elizabeth. “Because it is monoline, being left-handed does not present a problem. Monoline letters can be very basic but also offer opportunities for design and play.” (See the photos.) The course fee of $150 + $20 supply fee. If interested, contact Elizabeth at

This Friday: Rare Earth—Planetary Beauty Opens at City of Mud

City of Mud Gallery’s Summer show, Rare Earth—Planetary Beauty, will open this Friday, June 14, 2019, with a reception from 5 pm to 8 pm. “This is an engaging group show inspired by reverence for our natural world. Please join us as we unveil this new exhibition. This group mixes favorite City of Mud regulars with artists we’ve never shown before. The show includes paintings of earth, photos, and installations having to do with our Universe and particularly Earth. Sasha Pyle, Jamie Chase, and Sally Blakemore have been painting and cutting Tyvek to create a haunted forest.

More information:

Speaking to the Imagination: The Contemporary Artist’s Book

Speaking to the Imagination: The Contemporary Artist’s Book

Imprints of Home is a collaborative work of original prints and poems created during 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by Esther Feske, Dale Harris, Christine Herman, Frank Melcori, Trish Meyer, Carrol Moxham, Margy O’Brien, Kent Swanson, and Mary Sweet.

Friday, June 21, through Saturday, August 24, 2019

Opening Reception on Friday, June 21, 5 to 7 pm at
Peters Projects, 1011 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is a unique exhibit of handmade artist’s books and works on paper from local, national, and internationally known artists and writers. The exhibit will feature works that not only reflect a compelling artistic vision and style on paper with a unique and symbiotic collaboration with words, but distinctive book artistry as well. The very idea, definition, and usage of the object “book” and its alternatives will be challenged and expressed in revealing new forms. Some are epic and stirring, some freestanding, some folios, some may be reconfigured or exaggerate an accordion-like presence; some will fit like loose paper in their own boxes in limited edition; one or two will be reassuring in their enormity, some incisively petite and condensed. The thing that the books have in common is their lack of similarity, except for the love of words and art and the ingenious methods by which they’re released into the world.

As Anne Evenhaugen of the Smithsonian Libraries has written, “What truly makes an artist’s book is the artist’s intent, and artists have used the book as inspiration in a myriad of ways and techniques, from traditional to the experimental…artists used the book format to create narratives to deal with difficult or emotional issues, and some used it as a cheap, portable way to make the artwork available to a broader public than the gallery and museum world allowed.”

The exhibit will feature work by poets and artists (several are BAG members or Friends of BAG): Jim Dine, Dale Harris, Helen Hiebert, Carol Mothner, Miriam and Isabel Sagan, Kent Rush, Leon Loughridge, Margy O’Brien, Cynthia West, Vicki Bolen, Richard Wolfson, Janet Glovinsky, and others.

For more information, email or call 505-954-5700.

“Out of the Blue” at State Capitol

“Out of the Blue” is an exhibition of contemporary fiber art at the New Mexico State Capitol Rotunda Gallery in Santa Fe from April 26 through August 9, 2019. Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

The fiber artists from Studio Art Quilt Associates in New Mexico have responded to this challenge with a large array of works. They encompass a variety of approaches, from traditional piecework to the latest in technical materials. The size range is from 18 inches to 80 inches wide, with the average approximately 40 inches.

The exhibit was juried by Dr. Cynthia Sanchez, curator of the New Mexico State Capitol art collection.

You may view the exhibit when the Capitol is open: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. It is located at 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Project 26: Alphabet Mail Art Update

The “A’s” have Arrived. And they are Art-ful and Amazing! They will be on display on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at the BAG general meeting. Plus “B’s” are coming in, and will also be out for viewing. If possible, please send out your “B” before Saturday’s meeting, or you can bring your mail art for BAG with you. “C” will be announced at the meeting, and Project 26 goes forward.

More information on this two-year mail art project:

Palace Press Exhibition and Salon

Print by Tom Leech, Director, Palace Press. Photo by Arthur Sze.


Poems and Prints: Palace Press Poetry Broadsides

Salon El Zaguán with poets, Thursday, April 18, 3pm
RSVP required for Salon

Historic Santa Fe Foundation (HSFF) celebrates National Poetry Month with an exhibit of more than 50 poetry broadsides and books by well-known and not-so-well known poets, all printed at the Press at the Palace of the Governors. The exhibition will open at HSFF’s El Zaguán, 545 Canyon Road, on Friday, April 5 from 5-7pm and continue through April 26, 2019.

On Thursday, April 18 at 3pm, sit down with poets Joan Logghe, Renée Gregorio and John Brandi, along with Palace Press director Tom Leech for your daily dose of poetry and a conversation about the joys of slow reading and fine printing. Each of the poets has published several poems in the form of poetry broadsides and limited-edition books with the press.

Reservations required for the Salon El Zaguán with the poets. To reserve a spot, visit the HSFF’s Salon page: It is free for HSFF members, and $10 for all others.

The Press at the Palace of the Governors, known informally as the Palace Press, introduces visitors to the world of 19th- and early 20th-century publishing. Located just off the museum courtyard, this former stable is home to a working exhibit dedicated to preserving and promoting New Mexico’s printing and literary traditions. A visit to the printshop recalls the time when each letter on a page passed through the hands of an artisan printer. Working in the tradition of such noted New Mexico presses as the Laughing Horse Press, the Seton Village Press and the Rydal Press, the Palace Press is the longest-running operation of its kind in the state and is today a center for contemporary book art activities. But printing has played an important role in New Mexico ever since its first press arrived at the Palace of the Governors via the Santa Fe Trail in 1834, when New Mexico was part of Mexico and its first imprints were published in Spanish. Though now lost to history, that legendary printing press, under the direction of Padre Antonio José Martínez, brought New Mexico into a new era.

The modern incarnation of the Palace Press began in 1969 when the museum was offered the contents of the Estancia News-Herald print shop. Included was a platen press used in 1908 to print Jack Thorp’s Songs of the Cowboys, the world’s first publication of cowboy ballads. Posted on the walls are numerous handbills documenting the daily life of the Estancia Valley from the 1930s to the early 1950s, promoting everything from dances and basketball games to World War II black-out drills. Another permanent exhibit is the re-created studio of Gustave Baumann, New Mexico’s great 20th century artist-printer. Featured are Baumann’s press, watermarked papers, hand tools, and the pigments he used to make the ink for his masterful, color-saturated woodcut scenes of New Mexico and the Southwest.

More historic presses fill the shop, and while each one has seen years of service in the noble art of printing, they all stand ready if called on to get out the news.

For more information on the exhibition, contact Melanie McWhorter at 505-983-2567 or

Image shown here: Tom Leech, Director, Palace Press. Photo by Arthur Sze.

Art Sale This Saturday

Bobbi Culbert is having a Moving Sale this Saturday, March 30, 2019, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at 109 Old Galisteo Road. (Take St. Francis south to Rabbit Road. Turn right to the RR tracks then turn left onto Old Galisteo Road. Go one mile to #109.)

For sale: Art materials of all kinds, great fabrics & sewing notions, bookmaking materials, many good papers in various weights, an elderly Print Gocco Kit (cheap; needs inks), Xyron with laminating and adhesive refills, lightbox for tracing, rubber stamps, blank journals and small books, storage containers, 3-ring binders with photo pages, and much more.

Bobbi asks that you bring your own bags.

The Art of Book Collage with Melinda Tidwell

Friend of BAG Melinda Tidwell is teaching “The Art of Book Collage” at Artisan Santa Fe. Lesson 1: Mining the Hardback is on Monday, March 25, 2019, from 10 am to 4 pm. The workshop is $135 plus tax.

Discarded hardback books, especially old ones, are a treasure trove of materials for collage. Bring your old worn books and together we will deconstruct them and create fun abstract book collages on paper from the harvest. Students will learn how to deconstruct a hardback book, tips for cutting and adhesives, and many ideas for altering these rich collage materials. Students should bring their own materials (suggested below) and paper will be provided.

Skill Level: Open to all skill levels – beginning to advanced.

  • No Refunds after March 21, 2019 
  • 10% discount available 30 days prior to and including class date
  • Please park on Maclovia Street between Artisan and Autozone – Please DO NOT park directly behind the Artisan building

Materials List:
old hardback books w/ fabric covers (min. 3)
Exacto knife with new blade
Cutting pad – small
Metal edge ruler
Acrylic medium (not gel) and/or pva glue
Paintbrush for gluing, ½” and 1″ flats
pint size plastic tubs for water and acrylic
paper towels

Needles and embroidery thread
Your favorite collage materials

Instructor will bring:
Various hole punches
Utility knife
Magazines to catch excess glue
9 x 12 cold press WC paper

Bio: Melinda Tidwell is a collage artist with an interest in discarded books. Her love of books and vintage materials lured her from the world of graphic design and into her current work in book collage. Tidwell’s collages are shown in yearly gallery exhibitions, international art fairs, and are included in numerous private and corporate collections in the United States. Her work is currently represented by galleries in San Francisco, Seattle, Sun Valley, and Santa Fe. Melinda also teaches from her studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and at other venues around the country. For more information and a full portfolio, please visit:

To register:

Want to be a Resident Book Artist? Application Available

Women’s Studio Workshop Invites Applications for Art-in-Education Artist Book Residency

Deadline: November 15, 2019

The mission of the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York, is to operate and maintain a workspace that encourages the voice and vision of individual women artists, provide professional opportunities for artists at various stages of their careers, and promote programs designed to stimulate public involvement, awareness, and support for the visual arts.

In support of that mission, WSW is accepting applications for its Art-in-Education Artist’s Book Grant.

The eight-to-ten-week residency is awarded to two emerging women artists who are interested in creating a new artist’s book and in teaching young people. Generally, residents dedicate their first month to producing a limited edition artist’s book, which is hand-printed and bound in the studio. WSW can provide technical advice; training on new equipment, techniques, and materials; and production assistance.

During the second half of the residency, the artist works with young people in WSW’s studios, teaching one to two days/week for three to four weeks, and visiting the students twice in school. Studio space and equipment is reserved for students during program hours, but artists may work at any time outside of AIE.

The program provides a stipend of $350 per week for up to ten weeks, up to $750 for materials, up to $250 for travel within the continental United States, free onsite housing, and 24/7 studio access during non-AIE sessions.

All applications must be physically mailed, with a postmark no later than November 15, to the Women’s Studio Workshop:

Art-in-Ed Artist’s Book Application
Women’s Studio Workshop
PO Box 489
Rosendale, NY 12472

See the WSW website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.

Link to Complete RFP

New Mail Art Project Begins in March

Douglass Rankin and Gail Murray announced a new mail art that begins in March. It is named “Project 26: Alphabet Mail Art,” and it will include one letter for each month that BAG has a general meeting. We will begin with “A” in March 2019. Any BAG member is welcome to participate.

The months and letters for 2019 are: March—“A.” April—“B.” May—“C.” June—“D.” July—“E.”

Size and Paper Type

4”x6” on cardstock, at least as thick as a standard postcard. The size and paper stock are the only requirements.

Two Options for Participation

Option 1—Follow our usual Mail Art routine: write your name, address, and email on the index card supplied at the BAG meetings. Drop the card in the bag, then pull out somebody else’s name before you leave the meeting.

Option 2—If you are COMMITTED to doing the entire alphabet, and IF you don’t usually get to the meetings, send an email to BOTH Gail Murray and Douglass Rankin with your name, mailing address, and email. We will then put your information on a list that will be emailed to all the people in your group. To use the list, skip your name and send a card to the person’s name on the list that follows yours (beginning with the letter “A” for March). In April, continue on to the NEXT name for the NEXT letter. This list will be set up only at the BEGINNING of the project; the deadline to submit your name and other information is Friday, March 1, 2019. We will send the list to you before the March 9 general meeting. It is very important that you commit to creating all 26 letters, otherwise the people in your group will not end up with an entire alphabet.

Note: You do NOT have to commit to all 26 months and letters. You can create a letter as you desire by drawing a name at a general meeting. It is only mandatory to create A to Z if you sign up for Option 2.

After You Have Selected Your Option

Create two similar postcards. Mail one card to your mail art buddy (the name you drew for Option 1 or the next person on the list for Option 2). Also mail one card to Santa Fe BAG, PO Box 33691, Santa Fe, NM 87594.

We recommend mailing your card in an envelope, making it more likely it will arrive undamaged (55¢). Because this is a standard size, you may mail it as a postcard if you choose (35¢).

We encourage you to complete each letter and mail it to your recipient before the next BAG meeting.

When you do receive your Alphabet Mail Art postcard, please email the sender to let them know their card arrived.

BAG will keep all cards received in the BAG Archive. We will display them at the general meeting as the project proceeds.

Beginning Calligraphy Class in Albuquerque

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BAG member Elizabeth McKee is teaching a four-session beginning calligraphy class entitled “Writing Romans—Making Monoline Magic—Finding Secrets.” It will be held on four Saturdays—February 23, March 30, April 27, and June 1—from 1 pm to 4 pm in Albuquerque. “There are enough challenges built in for those who have extra time to invest in exploration,” explains Elizabeth. “Because it is monoline, being left-handed does not present a problem. Monoline letters can be very basic but also offer opportunities for design and play.” (See the photos.) The course fee of $100 + $10 supply fee includes 2 nibs, 2 penholders, and various other fun items. If interested, contact Elizabeth at

Mixed-Media Art Retreat, April 2019

Three BAG members–Cyn Leespring, Ruth Anna Abigail, and Julie Filatoff–announce a mixed-media art retreat for women.

It will be held Friday, April 26, through Sunday, April 28, 2019, at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa.

The all-inclusive, three-day/two-night retreat is limited to nine participants. The project is called “Mapping Your Journey,” and it consists of an ecodyed/tea-dyed, multi-signature art journal in a decorated box.

The retreat includes six meals, snacks, and beverages, plus unlimited soaking in Ojo Caliente’s mineral pools.

For more information, visit

Art Workshops in Albuquerque

Annie Hooten has announced an updated schedule of art workshops in Albuquerque. The list is below. For more detailed information, contact Annie at or (505) 228-8703. You can also follow her on Instagram at and #hootenannieartworkshops.

Common Threads with Orly Avineri & Beatriz Helton, February 27-March 2, 2019.

Jiggly Jointed Dolls and Fabulous Beads! With Doreen Kassel, March 9 & 10, 2019.

Hidden Jewels (Mokume Gane) with Carol Simmons, May 25 & 26, 2019.

Master Cane Workshop with Carol Simmons, June 3-8, 2019 (FULL).

A workshop with Hélène Jeanclaude, August 17 & 18, 2019.

Clay Out West, September 30-October 3, 2019. Teachers will be Donna Kato, Leslie Blackford, Debbie Crothers, Ron Lehocky, Dayle Doroshow & Wendy Malinow. (Email to get on the mailing list for future announcements.)

The Healing Doll Way with Barb Kobe, October 10 (evening), 11, 12, and13, 2019. Her book: Her Facebook group:

Make it Tall or On the Wall: A Talking, Walking Story-Stick with Maureen Carlson, November 8, 9 & 10, 2019.

Annie also has some workshops lined up for 2020 (dates to be announced): Jodi Ohl,; Floral Dreamscapes with Carol Simmons and Maureen Carlson, and; and Jenny Grant,

Vision Board Workshop with Ro Calhoun

New Year Vision Board Workshop presented by SFCC Center for Book Art & Printmaking

Register today for a discount!

Do you know what a Vision Board is?

It’s a perfect way to start 2019, by taking action to manifest your dream life. When you make a Vision Board, you get clear on what you want to create in your life.

A vision board is a visualization tool that uses a board to build a visual collage of words and pictures that represent your dreams and goals. Once you get clarity, you select images and words from magazines, and paste them on a big poster board. Seeing this board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract. (Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry all swear by Vision Boards!)

It sounds pretty simple. (And yes, there is a process to make your Vision Board more powerful.)

So why doesn’t everyone create Vision Boards? Well most of us never make the time. We let our busy, distracted lives keep us, well, busy and distracted.

It’s time to change that! On Saturday, January 26, 2019, at Santa Fe Community College in Room 708, our very own BAG member Ro Calhoun is leading a Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop. It’s an immersion for you to focus on your authentic life, core clarity, and ideal outcomes

Sign up today or inquire for more info by contacting Ro at 505.946.7350 or emailing her at

Cost is $85 including materials. If you register and pay during the month of December, there is an early bird discount of $10 ($75 total).

Upon registration, you will receive a “Create Your Best Life” Dream Sheet to get started. Bring it with you to the Vision Board Workshop to manifest your life goals and desires.

Ro Calhoun has an MFA degree in Fine Art.  She is an Art Professor at SFCC and she also conducts art workshops. Ro is a professionally trained Vision Instructor by Vision Board Pro.


The Spirit Poles at SF Botanical Garden

BAG member Victoria Rabinowe has installed 100 painted aspen poles that tower above and around you as you meander through the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. Some are painted black and white; some are bright and colorful; some are inscribed with cryptic calligraphy. Each pole is a provocative and unique totem inspired by Victoria’s dreams. This illuminated garden encourages the viewer to drift off into a spiritual journey that connects us with the deep, communal roots of aboriginal ancestry that we all share.

Link to the Santa Fe Botanical Garden: The annual Glow—Cosmic Lights event is December 14-31 (closed December 24 and 25). Victoria says there is a special event on the evening of December 28 with musicians Half Broke Horses.

Link to Victoria’s website:

This Saturday: BAG at Make Santa Fe Make & Take

Make & Take 2018

Join Make Santa Fe in preparing for the holidays by crafting decorations and gifts with your family. For $20 you get an afternoon of crafty excitement (1 kid free per paid adult). Stop by one or all of the stations including the SMASH Bus, decorations made via laser and microcircuit, ugly sweater decoration (bring your own sweater), forged triangle dinner bells, and paper ornaments.

The S.M.A.S.H. Bus will be at MAKE ready to teach your kiddos to make their own paper and other festive goodies. If you haven’t seen the Bus it is a mobile interactive art studio designed to create inclusive and accessible art-making opportunities for a variety of diverse communities.

In addition the Santa Fe Book Arts Group will be back this year making decorative cards and ornaments. We’ll also have a food truck on hand and beverages inside MAKE to keep you creating all afternoon.

Make & Take Tickets here!

Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival Starts Friday

Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival is the United States’ largest and oldest recycled art market and is dedicated to showcasing art created from discarded materials. It kicks off with Friday night’s Trash Fashion and Costume Contest, then continues with an art market, adult and student juried art exhibits, and make-and-take art activities. More than 100 artists (including BAG members) offer their original pieces for sale in the Art Market and display their work in the juried art exhibit. This event attracts thousands of art lovers and the eco-conscious holiday gift-giver attracted by the art deals, family-friendly art-making activities, gallery-worthy exhibits, and perfect gifts.

All art consists of a minimum of 75% recycled materials—everything from vintage tin cans turned into earrings to scrap-metal sculptures. Artists successfully upcycle trash into treasure, combining recycling and innovation to show creative ways to save our resources, while making one-of-a-kind art. The event demonstrates the resourcefulness of the artists and has grown into a powerful economic development tool for existing and emerging artists.


Friday, November 30

Art Market 5 pm to 9 pm; $5 general admission

Trash Fashion show 7 pm; $15-20 for assigned seating; includes general admission to the art market. You can buy fashion show tickets ahead of time at or at the door.

Saturday, December 1

Art Market 9 am to 5 pm; free admission (Reminder: BAG Annual Holiday Party is at 1 pm at SFCC’s Jemez Room)

Sunday, December 2

Art Market 10 am to 5 pm; free admission

Call for Entries: The Art of the Fold

Wildflower Identification (blizzard book edition made in 2013; edition sold out).

Alicia Bailey of Abecedarian Artists’ Books in Denver announces “The Art of the Fold,” a multi-venue exhibition that will be on view in the Denver metro area from February 2019 through fall 2019. Venues include a public library, a university library, and a gallery. Alicia says she is “still ammering out the gallery details.”

The submission deadline is Monday, December 17, 2018. Full details are here. The prospectus is here.

This exhibition is open to those working in the book form worldwide who are at least 18 years of age.

Eligible are any artist book works created using structures found in The Art of the Fold by Hedi Kyle & Ulla Warchol. Books may be editioned or unique, sculptural or more traditionally bound, interactive or passive. Books that measure more than 14 inches (closed) in any dimension are ineligible. Unframed wall works with maximum dimension of 24 inches in any direction, and weighing less than 20# are eligible.

Please note that the works needn’t be recent because some of us have been working with these structures for a while.

Campfire Cookery (panorama book edition also from 2013; edition sold out).

Selections will be made by Alicia Bailey, Director, Abecedarian Artists’ Books. Alicia typically uses submissions to juried shows as a starting point for artists she’d like to work with in the future. “I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Hedi and Ulla’s book inspires,” says Alicia. “Thanks, as always, for your continued support.”

Artist’s Reception at MoCNA Sunday

Tonalpohualli: Count of Days, a solo exhibition by Moira Garcia, will open with a reception this Sunday, November 11, 2018, from 3 pm to 4 pm. The exhibition and opening is at the Lloyd Kiva New Gallery of the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, 108 Cathedral Place, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Moira Garcia is a mixed-media artist, printmaker, and bookmaker residing in Santa Fe.

She has a BFA in Studio Arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts, and has also received art training from the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the University of California in Santa Cruz, and Santa Fe Community College.

Born in Gallup, New Mexico, and raised on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i, her art reflects her diverse multicultural experience. Her current work explores conceptions of living and lost cultural knowledge, journey, and trajectory of Native America, especially Mesoamerica.

She is the founding artist of the initiative Art for Change NM, where art sales support grass-roots social actions that benefit our earth and future generations.

SATURDAY: Annual Art Flea Market

The Santa Fe Book Arts Group and the Palace Press Present

Annual Art Flea Market

Open to the Public; All are Welcome; Tell Your Friends!

THIS Saturday, November 10, 2018, 10 am to 2 pm

Meem Room of the Palace of the Governors, 110 Washington Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501

This highly anticipated, annual multi-vendor flea market features:

  • supplies (for mixed-media, assemblage, and collage)
  • handmade books and journals
  • handmade, marbled, and specialty papers
  • antique and how-to books
  • ephemera
  • gifts
  • the infamous “free stuff” table
  • and so much more!

Here’s a flyer to print, post on social media, or email to your friends:

Click to enlarge. Print and post. Forward to your friends. Be there!

Traveler’s Notebook Salon on Saturday, December 8

Back by popular demand: a Traveler’s Notebook Salon with Cynthia Leespring and Julie Filatoff.

In this four-hour salon/workshop you’ll create a Traveler’s Notebook (TN), which you can use as a planner, sketchbook, journal, art journal, scrapbook, study guide, and so much more. Thanks to easily changeable inserts, you can use your TN for more than one purpose. All you need to bring is a short list of bookbinding tools; materials will be supplied.

Saturday, December 8, 2018, 1 pm to 5 pm

At the home/studio of Julie Filatoff in Santa Fe (SFCC area)

Minimum students: 4. Maximum students: 8. If there is sufficient interest and a waitlist, a second salon may be added.

$35 (includes lots of supplies); must be a current BAG member

If the Traveler’s Notebook is new to you, please read this post:

Or fall down this rabbit hole.

If you have questions or wish to register, please contact Julie Filatoff,, or Cyn Leespring,

February: Calligraphy on Textiles Workshop

(Repost, because it’s too good to miss!) BAG member Gail Rieke let us know that Martha Egan, who used to own Pacha Mama on Canyon Road, has a new project: Casa Perea, a beautiful multi-use venue in Corrales, New Mexico. Calligrapher Marina Soria will teach a three-day workshop, “Weaving Words,” on Friday, February 22, Saturday, February 23, and Sunday, February 24, 2019 (see graphics below).  For more information on the workshop, contact Frances Miller at For more information on Casa Perea, visit






Exhibition of Beth McKee’s Art Opens October 4

In the exhibit Unpredicted Motion, BAG member Elizabeth McKee celebrates movement, color, light, books, and angels. The centerpiece of the show is her accordion-folded book, Assault of Angels, which weighs 70 pounds and took her 10 years to complete.

Unpredicted Motion  runs from October 4 through October 27 at Matrix Fine Art, 3812 Central Avenue SE, Suite 100-A, Albuquerque, NM 87108; 505-280-8659;

The opening reception is Friday, October 5, 2018, from 5 to 8 pm. Beth’s artist’s talk is on Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 1 to 3 pm.  Beth says, “I would be happy to meet anyone who plans a visit to the gallery; just contact me at” The gallery’s regular hours: are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm. There is free parking behind the gallery at Silver and Solano.





Beginning Paper Marbling Workshop with Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith is teaching a Beginning Paper Marbling workshop at MarbleSmith Studio in Abiquiu  on Saturday, October 6, and Sunday, October 7, 2018.

The two-day session covers the basics of this ancient paper-decorating technique while involving students in the process of hands-on production.

The workshop fee of $190 includes all tools and materials. To inquire or register, please email Pam at or call 505-685-4486.

Salon: Textures Book, September 22

(A previous announcement gave the wrong date for this salon. The correct date is Saturday, September 22.)

Cynthia Leespring will hold a salon on textures. Attendees will explore textured surfaces made with recycled and other materials to create pages and book covers. You’ll make faux leather; use tea bags, cheesecloth, and melted crayons; and more. Cyn will bring examples of what you’ll be making to the September BAG meeting. Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Cost: $30 including materials. To reserve your space, call or email Cynthia Leespring at 505-470-2629 or

Click images to enlarge.

Registration Open: Text and Textile Workshop

Registration is now open for this workshop.

Text and Textiles: The Use of Felt and Other Textiles in Bookbinding,
a workshop with Katya Reka

Members Only
Sunday, October 14, 2018, 9 am to 4 pm
Santa Fe Community College, Room 710 (Book Arts Room)

This one-day workshop is designed for people with some bookbinding experience; no textile knowledge is necessary. Students will learn a variation of binding on cords and be introduced to the use of textiles in bookbinding in a creative and experimental way. Participants will create two books using paper and wool felt. During the workshop, participants will bind a practice book and a full-size text block. Students will learn how to make felt fabric by hand using wool and water. The cover felt fabric will be embellished with embroidery. Katya will instruct students on how to attach the cover to the final text block. Students’ newfound knowledge of how to create felt fabric, decorate it, and attach it to the text block will allow them to experiment with various textures, fabrics, and formats in future creative bookbinding.


Class Size: Limited to 12 participants. Cost: $75 including materials. To register, send a check for $75 (payable to BAG) to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507, postmarked no earlier than August 15, 2018. For more information, contact Laura Wait at A short tool list will be sent upon registration.

Vendors, Start Amassing: Annual Art Flea Market

Example of the type of items you’ll discover at the Art Flea Market. Click to enlarge.

BAG’s annual Art Flea Market will be on Saturday, November 10, 2018, from 10 am to 2 pm, once again in the John Gaw Meem Room of the New Mexico History Museum. This is not your ordinary garage sale; items for sale are limited to art-related objects only.

BAG members, start saving any unwanted art supplies, handmade papers, tools, and art storage items to sell at this very successful annual event. Art also sells if priced well. Your castoffs can become a buyer’s prized discovery.

BAG members in good standing can make a reservation to be a vendor starting September 1, 2018—NOT BEFORE, please. More information and instructions to follow in a later BAG e-blast and on the website.

BAG Needs Tech-Savvy and Media-Savvy Volunteers

BAG is looking for an individual with technical skills to maintain our membership roster and send out notifications via an email marketing service. The master files are in place, but require management and updating. A coach is available to support and answer questions.

BAG is also looking for an individual with media relations/public relations skills who will help promote activities throughout the year such as monthly meetings, the Art Flea Market, and the Rotunda exhibit.

If you are interested in volunteering for either of these positions, please email .

Many thanks in advance for your support to BAG.

Book Arts Exhibit in San Diego

San Diego Book Arts presents its 2017-2018 Collaborative Art Project Opening Exhibit:


San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery | 7250 Mesa College Drive | D101 directly across from LRC
Monday, July 16–Friday, August 3, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 5 pm-8 pm

Purchase your Postmark, San Diego catalog at the show or order online:

Note: Parking is free during the Opening Reception in Lot 10, which is closest to the Art Gallery. The most direct access is from Genesee Avenue onto Marlesta Drive and then enter the campus on the first right. Follow the entrance road to the right up the hill and around a curve to Lot 10.

Gallery hours are Tues, Thurs, Sat 11 am-4 pm. Evening hours on Thurs 4 pm-8 pm and by appointment, by calling the school at (619) 388-2829.

Cover of the show catalog

By Ann Schwartzwald

By Gretchen Hiegel

Two Book Arts Workshops at Artisan Materials Expo

Two book arts workshops are part of the lineup of educational events offered at the 2018 Artisan Materials Expo.

The popular biennial event is sponsored by the Artisan Art Supply Stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. It will be held from Thursday, September 27, through Sunday, September 30, 2018, at Buffalo Thunder Resort, just north of Santa Fe. Over the four days there will be 120 workshops in more than a dozen media, including book arts.

The sewn-over-tapes book.

BAG member Julie R. Filatoff will teach the two book arts workshops. The Sewn-Over-Tapes Book workshop will be Friday, September 28, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and beginners are welcome. Each student will leave the workshop with a versatile, multi-signature, hardcover book, approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches, with a beautiful exposed spine. The workshop fee is $94 plus tax.

The star book.

From 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, September 28, Filatoff will teach the Star Book (also known as a Carousel Book). The Star Book creates a star shape when opened and secured with the attached ribbon. When closed, the three (or more) layers of each signature neatly fold up on themselves and it looks like a “normal” book. The workshop is geared toward intermediate to advanced book artists, and the fee is $94 plus tax.

“There are three things I love about the Artisan Expo,” said Julie. “First, workshop students just walk in with an apron, a notebook, a pen, and an adventurous spirit, because all other materials are supplied. Second, the Expo vendor area features 80 booths of artists’ materials at greatly discounted prices. Third, manufacturers’ representatives staff those booths and can answer your technical questions and demonstrate the products. It’s a not-to-be-missed event for all artists.”

For more information, visit

Registration Open: Calligraphy Workshop September 15

Registration is now open for this workshop.

Pointed Endeavors: Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy,
a workshop with Bill Kemp

Members Only
Saturday, September 15, 9 am to 4 pm
New Mexico History Museum Classroom, 113 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (enter on Washington Street)

This one-day workshop is the perfect introduction to calligraphy and the pointed pen, and also an extension of the experienced calligrapher’s repertoire. Participants will be introduced to ink and the oblique pen holder, using the pointed nib to create the thick and thin lines of “Engrosser’s Script.” These strokes will lead to the creation of compound curves and flourishes that are lots of fun and can enhance any style of hand lettering.

Bill will provide an instruction manual and paper for each participant. Participants will need to bring three items:

  1. One Nikko G nib (item #N113), $1.55
  2. One Peerless/Ziller Oblique Holder (Item #H48), $13.50
  3. One bottle of McCafferey’s Penman’s Ink (Item #I37), $7.75

All three of these supplies are available from John Neal Bookseller ( and their item numbers are in parentheses after the item (above). If you would like to be part of a group order for these items, please send $25 extra with your check,  also payable to BAG. This will save on shipping and convenience.

To register, send a check for $80, payable to BAG (or $105 total if you want to order the three items above), to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507, postmarked no earlier than July 1, 2018. For more information, contact Laura Wait at

Beginning Book Artist? Start Here!

This class is full. Please contact Laura Wait (info at the bottom of this page) to be placed on the waitlist.

Introduction to Book Arts with Pam MacKellar:
A series of three classes introducing the basics of bookbinding for artists

Members Only
Three consecutive Saturdays (August 4, 11, and 18, 2018), 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Santa Fe Community College, Room 710 (Book Arts Room)

This workshop series is designed for people who have no experience in bookbinding or those who would like to review some simple structures and techniques to use in their bookmaking. Knowing the basics will help you to express yourself artistically in a book format. You will complete 2-3 books at each session.

Week 1: Folding and Gluing. You will learn basic folding and gluing techniques, how to cover boards, basic bookbinding terms, following folding diagrams, and tools to include in a basic bookbinding toolkit. You will make an accordion book, a single-sheet book, and a diamond-fold book.

Week 2: Sewing. You will learn how to determine hole placement, make hole templates, punch holes for sewing, and follow basic sewing diagrams. You will make a 3-hole pamphlet, a 5-hole pamphlet, and Japanese stab binding.

Week 3: Non-Traditional Structures. You will learn two non-traditional structures using the skills you have already learned: a flag book and a skewer book. You will be encouraged to think about how to express your ideas using traditional and non-traditional bookmaking techniques.

Fee: $130 for the series, which includes the materials fee. Maximum students: 10. Tool list will be sent upon registration. To register, send a check for $130, payable to BAG, to
Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507. For more information, contact Laura Wait at

Few Spots Left: Inventing Your Own Alphabet

There are only a few spots left for this workshop, so register today!

Inventing Your Own Alphabet, a workshop with Randall Hasson

Members Only
Saturday, June 16, 2018, 9 am to 4 pm
New Mexico History Museum Classroom, 113 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501

The goal of this one-day workshop is to develop an approach to lettering skills and personal alphabets through the study of basic lettering principles. Participants will then experiment and refine individual lettering in class.

We will start the morning learning essential information about lettering tools and using them to make marks. We then begin construction of individual glyphs/characters that will eventually become our personal alphabet letters. Then we will create a cohesive plan for our alphabets by identifying underlying shapes and unique characteristics by analyzing size, weight, slope, and texture. With those elements identified, we will work on exercises using guide sheets and freehand, familiarizing ourselves with making these letters.

In the afternoon, we will build upon analysis of specific internal characteristics of students’ alphabets. We will try different tools to alter letterforms, then refine those forms even further, culminating in the creation of a final personal alphabet.

Class Size: Limited to 12 participants. Cost: $80. To register, send a check for $80, payable to BAG, to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507. For more information, contact Laura Wait at

Upcoming Albuquerque Art Workshops, 2018-2019

Annie Hooten has several well-known instructors coming to Albuquerque to teach workshops throughout 2018 and 2019.  For more information, contact her at, and follow her on Instagram at #hootenannieart & #hootenannieartworkshops.

Ingrid Dijkers
May 26 & 27, 2018
The Vintage Bark Cloth Journal
Personal Translations Journal

Tejae Floyde
July 21 & 22, 2018
Polymer Clay Mixed-Media Encased Hearts

Lisa Renner
September 14 & 15, 2018
Bird Peeps and Faux Enamel Disc Necklace

Orly Avineri
February 27 – March 2, 2019
Facial Expressions/Alternative Visual Journaling

Carol Simmons
Mokume Gane
March 30 & 31, 2019
Master Cane
April 6-12, 2019

Carol Simmons & Maureen Carlson
May 4-10, 2019
Floral Dreamscapes &

Doreen Kassel
Title TBA
September 21 & 22, 2019

Jodi Ohl
Title TBA
Dates to be finalized – likely 2020

Upcoming Workshops: Raven Art Center in Albuquerque

Upcoming workshops at Raven Art Center, 301 Washington Street SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108; call 505.204.1437 or email

Photo Album with Concertina Spine with Mita Saldana: Sunday, May 20, 2018, 9 am – 2 pm.

Drawing Perspective – 101: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 10 am – 1 pm. $39 (supply list emailed upon registration); $39 for one class or $99 for 4 classes; Spring Special – First class for only $25

Drawing Nature – 101: Saturday, May 19, 2018, 12  noon – 3 pm (Location TBA). $39 (supply list emailed upon registration); $39 for one class or $99 for 4 classes; Spring Special – First class for only $25

Movement, Meditation & Expressive Art: Sunday, May 13, 2018, 10 am – 12 pm; Sunday, May 27, 2018, 10 am – 1 pm. Gentle Movement, Oracle Card Reading, Meditation & Expressive Art. Normally $39; Early Bird $29

Watercolor 101: Sunday, May 13, 2018, 2 pm – 6 pm; Saturday, May 26, 2018, 3 pm – 7 pm. Normally $45; Early Bird $39. All Materials Included

Watercolor 101 & 102: Sunday, May 27, 2018, 2 pm – 8 pm. $75; Early Bird $59

Painting Fearlessly: Friday, May 18, 1 pm – 3 pm; Friday, May 25, 2018, 1 pm – 3 pm.  $39 per class or $99 for a set of 4 classes; Spring Special – only $25 each class. All materials included

Art Journaling: Saturday, April 19, 2018; 4pm – 7pm. $45 – Includes Art Journal and Supplies

Bullet Journaling – The Art of Organization: Saturday, May 26, 2018, 10 am – 1 pm. Normally $45; Early Bird = $39. Includes Journal

Studio Space for Rent

Studio 11 is looking for an artist to share our evolving space. “We are a cohesive, easygoing group and hope to find a good communicator who is amenable to holding open studio hours, will help promote the space, and is ready to create some art!”

  • 12’ by 12’ space + shared space + large fenced-in outdoor space
  • Overhead florescent and track lighting + large front window
  • $300/month includes utilities + WIFI
  • $50 key deposit (refundable)
  • Located near the Second Street District, The Pantry, and Cerillos Road
  • Available May 1, 2018: Shown by appointment only; text Julie @ (214) 415-3291

RESTRICTIONS: No toxic materials, oils, solvents, pastels, or sanding indoors. & Facebook @ Studio 11: Creative Trade

Clay Out West Coming to New Mexico; Register Now

The four-day polymer clay extravaganza called CLAY OUT WEST will be held October 1-4, 2018 at the Isleta Resort & Casino. This event was previously held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was called Clay Carnival. Annie Hooten and Cynde Tagg of Albuquerque were asked by Donna Kato to co-host the event.
The national/international instructors will be:
  • Donna Kato
  • Leslie Blackford
  • Carol Blackburn
  • Julie Picarello
  • Shelley Atwood
  • Daniel Torres & Natalia Garcia de Leaniz
Attendees will be able to take a class from each of the instructors and come away with lots of polymer knowledge and finished items. The price of the event is $525, which includes all instruction, four lunches, one celebration dinner, and Kato Clay provided for each class. Registration is now open and limited to 80 attendees. Be sure to register early as this is an event not to be missed.

Upcoming Workshops at the American Academy of Bookbinding

The American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado, announces two upcoming workshops:

Box Making With Peter Geraty | April 30–May 4 | $800

What’s in a box?…your most prized possessions! Protect your meticulously created binding or book with the strongest box structure. Peter Geraty teaches the clamshell box like no other, utilizing custom jigs and interlocking double walls to maximize precision and durability…highly recommended for the book on tour! This method can then be applied to construct boxes for multiple functions and shapes.

Protective and decorative boxes are used to house treasured bindings and are a staple of fine bookbinding and book conservation. In this class, students will learn to construct the basic clamshell box. This will be followed up by discussion and/or demonstration of several other types of boxes, which may include four-flap folders, telescoping boxes and rounded spine boxes.

Precision and accuracy will be learned and stressed as they are keys which enable the creation of sturdy and elegant custom made boxes. Though the focus of the class is primarily to create protective boxes for books, the skills learned will carry over into box making for many different purposes.

Selected Shorts: 3 Valuable Techniques in 1 Week With Don Glaister | May 28–June 1 | $800

This class takes a unique approach to binding, exploring a departure from the use of traditional materials used in the book block and cover. Pages are created from a variety of materials—metal, plastic, wood, film, heavy paper, etc.—then bound using the montage sur onglets technique and enclosed in an elegant thick paper cover to create an unusual codex work of art. Once this “out of the box” book is completed, students will put it “in a box” they custom build in class.

There are areas of bookbinding study that require years, even decades of study and practice. Thankfully, there are also techniques that can be learned relatively quickly and can be performed successfully right away. This class covers three such techniques that are essential to the education of a well-rounded bookbinder. Montage Sur Onglets is a French term that literally means mounting on tabs. Pages are glued or sewn to flexible paper structures that provide hinges. It is a technique that makes it possible to flexibly bind a book whose pages are in the form of folded signatures but are too stiff to open otherwise; are cut in single sheets of paper or other materials; or need to be removed at a later time without ruining the binding. Students will be shown and will explore variations of this technique to fit many applications. This is very versatile technique that can be used in deluxe fine binding, edition binding and conservation binding as well.

Sometimes bookbinders are requested to bind books that are not appropriate for a full leather, fine binding treatment. This can be either for reasons of time, budget or the very nature of the text. The second project of the week’s class will help to fill that niche. Students will make elegant, reinforced paper bindings for their texts from the montage sur onglet portion of the class or other books of their choosing. They will be guided through the process step by step and will be shown various valuable techniques and tricks associated with binding, especially in paper. This binding structure is relatively simple, quick and very elegant. It is highly adaptable to a variety of binding situations.

Most handmade books require protection from damage due to accidents, environmental factors and normal wear. The third project of the class will be to fill that requirement as students will build a custom fitted, archival clamshell box to fit the paper binding previously made in class. The box will be made of binders’ board and book cloth, and will be lined with protective felt. The clamshell box is often used not only for book protection, but portfolio presentation and housing collections of small objects and documents. It too is a very adaptable structure that helps to greatly broaden the scope of the binder’s expertise. This class is open to those interested in bookmaking and binding, though some experience with binding materials, tools and processes will be helpful.

For more information about spring courses or the American Academy of Bookbinding, please visit the website or contact | 970-728-8649.

Workshop: Scroll Books on Spools

Scroll books on spools by Cynthia Leespring

Why should you register for the Scroll Books on Spools workshop, to be held on Sunday, April 15?

  • You’ll learn new techniques and work with new tools that you can incorporate into your regular book arts practice.
  • You’ll choose the color palette–muted, dark, bright–and the content (if any).
  • Many of the supplies will be provided for you.  For the most part, you just have to show up with several colors of acrylic paint–ANY acrylic paint.  (See full supply list, sent to attendees by the instructor.)
  • It’s affordable–$80 for a one-day workshop.
  • It will be a fun day and a great way to usher in Spring!

Members Only
Sunday, April 15, 2018, 9 am to 4 pm
Santa Fe Community College, Fine Arts Building, Room 710
Instructor: Julie Filatoff

Scroll books on spools by Ruth Anna Abigail.

In this workshop students will be given the raw materials with which to create several small scroll books on the theme(s) of their choosing. We’ll start by applying acrylic paint in a thin, quick-drying layer in an analogous colorway on strips of printmaking paper, then create layers with various mark-making tools. We will then apply paint to papier maché boxes. We will bind the strips to the wooden thread spools after discussing the options for theme(s), text/no text, paper/fabric/both, etc. Although we will use thread spools, this structure lends itself to many themes and interpretations. The instructor will supply the box, spools, and paper; and a large selection of mark-making tools. Students will bring paint plus any artist-made/artist-decorated papers and ephemera they would like to include, and of course the usual bookbinding kit. (A detailed supply list will be sent upon registration.)

Fee: $80. Maximum students: 12. To register, send a check for the full amount, payable to BAG, to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507, and email Laura at to let her know you’d like to register.

Introduction to Book Arts Series

Introduction to Book Arts with Pam MacKellar is a series of three classes introducing the basics of bookbinding for artists. It will be held on three consecutive Saturdays (August 4, 11, and 18, 2018), from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at Santa Fe Community College in Room 710 (Book Arts Room), and is open to members of BAG.

This workshop series is designed for people who have no experience in bookbinding or those who would like to review some simple structures and techniques to use in their bookmaking. Knowing the basics will help you to express yourself artistically in a book format. You will complete 2-3 books at each session.

Week 1: Folding and Gluing. You will learn basic folding and gluing techniques, how to cover boards, basic bookbinding terms, following folding diagrams, and tools to include in a basic bookbinding toolkit. You will make an accordion book, a single-sheet book, and a diamond-fold book.

Week 2: Sewing. You will learn how to determine hole placement, make hole templates, punch holes for sewing, and follow basic sewing diagrams. You will make a 3-hole pamphlet, a 5-hole pamphlet, and Japanese stab binding.

Week 3: Non-Traditional Structures. You will learn two non-traditional structures using the skills you have already learned: a flag book and a skewer book. You will be encouraged to think about how to express your ideas using traditional and non-traditional bookmaking techniques.

Fee: $130 for the series, which includes the materials fee. Maximum students: 10. Tool list will be sent upon registration. To register, send a check for $130, payable to BAG, to Laura Wait, 108 Calle Francisca, Santa Fe, NM 87507, postmarked no earlier than May 1, 2018. For more information, contact Laura Wait at

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen to Speak at SFCC on March 12

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen is the guest speaker on Monday, March 12, 2018, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, in the Santa Fe Community College Board Room. She will speak about her work, which explores issues of identity and corporeality. Her handbound books are created from artist-made papers.

Erica received the 2018 Minnesota Book Artist Award from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for her piece The Love Affair. Her work has been featured in publications such as FiberArts, Surface Design Journal, American Craft, Hand Papermaking Magazine, and the Huffington Post. She currently teaches at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Artisan Materials Expo: Registration Open

The 2018 Artisan Materials Expo spans 4 days, including 120 workshops that cover 17+ media (including book arts, calligraphy, and mixed media). Participants can learn new techniques from top-notch, world-class instructors, and expand their horizons and try something they’ve never tried before. Workshops will be held from Thursday, September 27, through Sunday, September 30, 2018, at the Buffalo Thunder Resort just north of Santa Fe.

Admission is free to the Expo Vendor area, which features 80 booths of manufacturers and distributors of artists’ materials. The materials will be for sale at greatly discounted prices and the manufacturers’ representatives will be on hand to answer technical questions. The vendor floor hours are: 10 am to 5:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10 am to 3 pm on Sunday. Enjoy continuous free demonstrations of technique and materials and artistry on stage in the demo area during the vendor floor hours.

For more information, visit

Valentine’s Day Sale Sunday, February 4

BAG members Alex Fischer, Ashisha, Sally Blakemore, Liz Paterson, and Gail Murray are holding their 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Sale. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary on New Mexico State Highway 14 in Santa Fe. Cash or checks payable to Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary will be accepted; no credit cards. See flyer below.

Boundless: An Exhibition of Artist Books

Boundless, an exhibition of experimental artist-made books, including an art zine selection curated by Marya Errin Jones, curator at The Tannex and Founder/Co-producer of ABQ Zine Fest.

Artists (which include BAG members): Adrián Aguilera, Neal Ambrose-Smith, Carolina Arellanos, Tracy Armagost, Axle Contemporary, Alicia Bailey, Mariona Barkus, Sonia Boyce, Bread & Puppet Theatre (Peter Schumann), David Byrne, Cornelius Cardew, Candice Corgan, RoseMary Crawford, Anna Crowell, Lenka Clayton, Erin Currier, Jeffrey Dell, Joey Fauerso, Christian Michael Filardo, Anne Gilman, Caitlin Grann, Angelo Harmsworth, Candace Hicks, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Rand Huebsch, Zita Klaphake, Jane Lackey, Ted Laredo, Taller Lenateros, Sol LeWitt, Jessamyn Lovell, Betelhem Makonnen, Sabra Moore, Pamela MacKellar, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Bruce Nauman, Jason Nolan, Valerie Roybal, Ed Ruscha, Alyce Santoro, Felipe Steinberg, Clarissa Sligh, Richard Tuttle, Claudia X. Valdes, Jamie Vandenberg/Contemporary Artistic Technologies, Bethany Wood, Kate Wood, Tamara Zibners.

Saturday, January 27, through Saturday, March 10, 2018

Central Features Contemporary Art, 514 Central Avenue SW, Suite 2, Albuquerque, NM 87102; phone  505-252-9983. Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm

More information:

Salon: 2018 Paper Planner

The Traveler’s Notebook, a salon with Cyn Leespring and Julie Filatoff

In this four-hour salon/workshop you’ll create a Traveler’s Notebook (TN), which you can use as a planner, sketchbook, journal, art journal, scrapbook, study guide, and so much more. Thanks to easily changeable inserts, you can use your TN for more than one purpose. All you need to bring is a short list of bookbinding tools; materials will be supplied.

Saturday, January 20, 2018
At the home/studio of Julie Filatoff in Santa Fe (SFCC area)
Minimum students: 4. Maximum students: 8.
$30 (includes lots of supplies); must be a current BAG member

If the Traveler’s Notebook is new to you, please read this post:

Questions? Please contact Julie Filatoff,, or Cyn Leespring,

Let’s start the new year by creating our own versions of a Traveler’s Notebook!

Holiday Make and Take at MAKE Santa Fe

MAKE Santa Fe Event
Saturday, December 16, 2017
2879 All Trades Road, Santa Fe, NM
Saturday, December 16, 10:00a – 4:00p

A few BAG members will staff one of ten stations for the Holiday Make and Take at Make Santa Fe. BAG’s station will offer an opportunity to make holiday postcards, mail art, and paper cut ornaments incorporating the bits left over from wood cuts and 3D printers.

Fee to attend the event: $10 for an individual or $20 for a family up to four people.

MAKE Santa Fe is a non-profit maker space with 3-D printers, laser cutters, CNC router, CNC plasma, woodworking shop and textile lab.

See for more information.

2018 Mail Art: Pantone Postcards


For our 2018 Mail Art program, BAG will sponsor a new type of project, based on an idea instigated by Emily Martin, book artist from Iowa City. (Images above are from her project. View all the cards and her book at her website:

Our project will be similar to the way Mail Art usually works. At each monthly meeting, beginning in December:

1) Put your name and address on a card, place it in the bag, and draw out a card to be sent to your mail art buddy.

2) Instead of a suggested theme or quotation, select a colored postcard based on the Pantone Matching System.*

3) Two cards of the same color will be rubber-banded together. On both cards you draw, feel free to “expound” on the color in any way you like: draw, paint, write, punch, sew, print, attach a photo… It’s open season for your creativity to “play” on BOTH CARDS you draw. Then send one to your mail art buddy and one (which will already be stamped and addressed) to BAG to become part of the BAG permanent collection.

4) Also at the meeting we will ask you to sign a sheet saying which color you picked so that credit can be given to the mail artist when we display these cards in 2019 (see #6).

5) Hopefully, by the end of the year, all 100 postcards in the series will be returned to BAG, and…

6) In summer 2019 Axel Contemporary will exhibit our creations in its mobile van!

We are excited about this variation on mail art and hope that everyone in BAG will participate for at least a month or more, providing great variety for our 2019 BAG Mail Art: Pantone Postcards exhibit at Axel Contemporary.

Any questions: contact Gail Murray or Douglass Rankin

* The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is used in the commercial printing industry as a way to identify specific ink colors for the jobs being printed. This is the industry standard for all ink colors that are not printed as a 4-color process color. Logos, stationery, posters, and brochures that are printed with more than black ink must have a PMS color and number specified for each non-black color desired. For more information, visit

Artist Gift Fairs Next Two Weekends

11th Annual Holiday Gift Fairs

at the Santa Fe Woman Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Friday, November 24, through Sunday, November 26, 2017, 10 am to 5 pm

Friday, December 1, through Sunday, December 3, 10 am to 5 pm

Holiday shopping at its most creative and comfortable. Each week will feature a wonderful, ever-changing group of local artisans providing you the opportunity to buy directly from the makers.

Choose from a wide variety of jewelry, ceramics, children’s books, rocks and minerals, basketry, table art, paintings, recycled adornments, metal and glass work, ornaments, walking sticks and more. Vendors include BAG members.

Free Admission. Easy Parking.

For vendor information, contact

Beginning Book Arts Workshop November 11

Julie Filatoff is teaching a one-day workshop at Artisan Santa Fe on beginning book arts.BAG member Julie R. Filatoff is teaching a one-day workshop aimed at beginning book artists.

“Two Fun & Simple Books for Artists” will be 10:00 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday, November 11, 2017, at Artisan Santa Fe.

Students will discover two exciting book-making processes – the Single-Signature Pamphlet Stitch and the Origami Pocket Book. The Single-Signature Pamphlet-Stitch is a foundational process that ultimately prepares students for more intricate book-binding methods; use it to create sketchbooks, planner inserts and more. The Origami Pocket Book is a more advanced book-building process and once completed, it holds small pieces of art, photographs, letters and anything you can imagine! Once you’ve mastered these simple book building techniques in class, you will find many occasions to recreate them for your own use or to use as gifts. Maximum students: 12.  Skill Level: Open to all; geared toward beginners.  Cost: $95 plus tax.

More information, supply list, and registration:

BAG Annual Art Flea Market THIS SATURDAY!

Open to the Public; All Are Welcome

The Not-to-be-Missed Event of the Year!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Please note: Doors open at 10:00 am sharp)

Meem Room of the Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum, 110 Washington Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (enter on Washington Avenue just north of East Palace Avenue)

Santa Fe Book Arts Group/Palace Press annual multi-vendor Art Flea Market featuring supplies (for mixed-media, assemblage, and collage), handmade books and journals, handmade and specialty papers, antique and how-to books, ephemera, and gifts is fast approaching. Come browse and discover your treasures!

Here’s a link to the flyer; please distribute.

Please Distribute: Art Flea Market Flyer

Please distribute this flyer so that our annual Art Flea Market is a success!

Many thanks to Pam MacKellar for the great flyer for our November 4 event!  Please help us to publicize the Art Flea Market, whether or not you’re a vendor.  This is a GREAT event, and people in our community look forward to it every year (as evidenced by the line at the door).

Click here to go to the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file, which you can then download to your computer to print or email to all and sundry.

Click here to go to the .jpg file, which you can right-click and save to your computer, then share via social media.

See you Saturday, November 4!

Opportunity: Design (and Make?) Boxes

For an upcoming online class on alchemy and aromatherapy, Florian Birkmayer is putting together a kit of tiny samples of essential oils, along with a few other objects.

If you are a paper/book artists that might be interested in designing an inexpensive and easy-to-mass-produce (perhaps a few hundred or more) box out of paper or another similar material, contact Florian at