The Santa Fe Book Arts Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New Mexico. As such, donations to BAG may be tax-deductible; please check with your tax professional.

Your donation to Santa Fe BAG helps people throughout our communities. Some examples of what your donations permit us to do:

  • teach workshops for and supply materials to schools and libraries
  • pay speakers for open-to-the-public meetings (both in-person an online)
  • exhibit artwork at events that are open to the public
  • give free membership to worthy book artists to further their education and skills

Book art enables adults and children to think globally, historically, spiritually, politically and artistically. Please scroll down to see how you can contribute.


We are very grateful to the following donors:

Linda Zwick | Kim Walter | Greg Berg | Madeleine Durham | Judy Crawford | Marcia Moore

(If you have donated to BAG and we have not listed you above, please email

Monetary Donations

Please send a check, made payable to Santa Fe BAG, to:

Santa Fe BAG
PO Box 4332
Santa Fe, NM 87502-4332

You may also donate via PayPal. Our address is

Item Donations

BAG cannot accept donations of art, art supplies, etc., except under rare circumstances. To check, email with a description of the intended donation items.

We suggest that you donate items to the following:

Vital Spaces: (Raashan Ahmad is the Executive Director)

Resourceful Santa Fe:

Santa Fe Community College: (Patricia is the head of the Book Arts & Printmaking Department)

Santa Fe Public Schools: